Thursday, July 27th, 2017

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Harvard Business School Students Create Guide for MBA Interview – Though Some Question its Effectiveness

Harvard's Business School is consistently ranked as one of the best programs in the U.S. and its interview process is often daunting. However, some graduate students currently enrolled in the school came up with a list of tips for candidates that will help them to ace the interview process.  The list of pointers is varied […]

ABC To Tie in Sunday’s Oscar Broadcast with Social Media

Consumer behaviors have shifted drastically over the past few years as social media plays an increasingly important role in the way people communicate. During its broadcast of the Academy Awards this coming Sunday, ABC plans to take advantage of the chatter that will inevitably come on the Internet during the show. In an effort to […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Cultivate Your Online Presence From a “Personal Branding Guru”

The Internet has changed the way people communication with one another, how people go about finding information and the amount of information that is available. While many employers perform background checks on job seekers before they hire them, there is a growing body of research that says employers will soon conduct searches on a candidate's […]

Most Valuable NBA Teams

The National Basketball Association held its All Star Game this past weekend and some of the league's biggest stars were in attendance, including Paul Pierce, Lebron James and Blake Griffin. While many NBA players make huge sums of money every year, which teams are worth the most money to their owners? Forbes reports that the […]

The Most Valuable Pitchers in the MLB

Professional athletes are without a doubt highly valued in the U.S. Superstar athletes make millions of dollars every year and bring the teams they play for huge sums of money. With baseball season right around the corner, Forbes calculated the value of pitchers in Major League Baseball to determine which players deliver the biggest bang […]

Harvard Business Review: Effective Managers Want to Influence Others

If you're looking to start your own company or you're currently managing employees at your workplace, you know how taxing it can be. While stories of the stereotypical bad boss are often recounted in offices, there's another kind of 'bad' boss that most people will have to work with – the boss who doesn't do […]

Balancing an All or Nothing Lifestyle

I used to be an all or nothing person and I have to admit that it was pretty painful. All of that pressure, stress, and intense effort put into one thing is a great recipe for exhaustion and burnout. Only I didn’t know that, I just thought if you wanted something bad enough you just […]

Cry no More at Work: Here Are The Top 10 Happiest Careers in the U.S.

Are you happy in your current job? While some people are undeniably happy in their career path, others often lament that their job is but a means to an end, a way to make some money and bide time until they figure out what they really want to do. A new study that was recently […]

Study: Many Students Show No Improvement in Critical Thinking After Graduating College

After all is said and done and you've successfully completed your last final during the second semester of your senior year, you probably asked yourself what you learned during your college career. A new book out this week says that for a majority of college students, the answer is: You may have not learn very […]

New Facebook App Helps Applicants Know Their Chances at 1,500 Colleges

Applying and being admitted to a college in the U.S. is one of the most nerve-wracking times in the lives of many young people. However, there is now an app that helps users to decide which schools to apply to – based on their projected chances of getting in. Startup company Splash Networks endeavored to […]