Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Career advice for those just starting a new career or people wishing to change their career path. Find articles on career advice, find a career with purpose, internships, finding jobs, career trends, top 10 careers in 2010, and tips to discovering the perfect job.

Good Reasons to Look for a New Job

Recent college graduates and young people in general typically take the first full-time jobs they can get, especially in this economy. Sometimes those first full-time jobs end up being great experiences, but oftentimes they don’t. If you’re a young person who’s unhappy in your current position at a company, it may be time to start […]

Young job seekers must prepare for many interview questions

Young professionals interviewing for jobs need to be ready to answer a range of questions, but there are certain inquiries that can be used by hiring managers in an effort to catch candidates off-guard and jar loose hidden information. Job seekers who are either currently employed or who have been jobless long enough to count […]

2012 Ideas for better Productivity

I regularly draw the ire of my employees when I tell them that email is not work. I’m poorly wording my message, but the intent is clear. Constantly checking for new emails, and responding to them stops one from being productive. Though I’ve known this for a while, someone from Harvard is now backing me […]

Start-Ups Starting Smaller and Leaner, But More Aggressive

When people ponder founding a new company, many might think about years of developing and perfect their product followed by the long struggle to gain a toe-hold in the industry. But The New York Times reports that start-ups need not necessarily follow this pattern to prove successful. Instead, a growing number of companies are taking […]

Zynga Said to Demand Return of Stock Options

Popular online gaming company Zynga faces an unexpected scandal in advance of its upcoming initial public offering after The Wall Street Journal accused the company of forcing workers to return stock options. Like many other technology startups, Zynga attracted higher quality employees by offering a company shares in place of higher wages. However, the company […]

Zuckerberg Would Prefer Boston to Silicon Valley as Startup

Silicon Valley has a strong and long-lived reputation as the center of the digital world, with many of the world’s largest tech companies started or based there. But Facebook founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg explained in a recent interview that he would not have moved his company out west knowing what he knows […]

The Smartest NBA Player You’ve Never Heard of

Advice we all hear, and hardly ever follow. Save your money, save your money, save your money. Business Week writes about Jeff Foster, a 34 year-old ex-NBA player who may never have to work again.

Obama Pushing Jobs Plan, But Republicans Hold Firm In Opposition

President Barack Obama continues to push forward his plan to support job creation in the U.S., despite recent setbacks in Congress. The Associated Press reports that President Obama introduced the third facet of his jobs plan on Friday, October 21, proposing to spend nearly $70 billion on investments in infrastructure, including the creation of a […]

Fed Numbers Show Mixed News on Manufacturing

One of the critical measures of economic performance fell again in October, limiting optimism from a recent Federal Reserve report, according to Bloomberg. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York produces a monthly Empire State Index of manufacturing activity in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. As an important manufacturing sector, […]

Wall Street Heading Toward Further Job Losses

A new report from the New York state comptroller suggests that Wall Street could lose thousands more jobs, according to The New York Times. Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli projected the industry could shed another 10,000 by the end of 2012 in the face of declining profits. In the first half of 2011, the member firms of […]