Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

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The Smartest NBA Player You’ve Never Heard of

Advice we all hear, and hardly ever follow. Save your money, save your money, save your money. Business Week writes about Jeff Foster, a 34 year-old ex-NBA player who may never have to work again.

Obama Pushing Jobs Plan, But Republicans Hold Firm In Opposition

President Barack Obama continues to push forward his plan to support job creation in the U.S., despite recent setbacks in Congress. The Associated Press reports that President Obama introduced the third facet of his jobs plan on Friday, October 21, proposing to spend nearly $70 billion on investments in infrastructure, including the creation of a […]

Fed Numbers Show Mixed News on Manufacturing

One of the critical measures of economic performance fell again in October, limiting optimism from a recent Federal Reserve report, according to Bloomberg. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York produces a monthly Empire State Index of manufacturing activity in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. As an important manufacturing sector, […]

Wall Street Heading Toward Further Job Losses

A new report from the New York state comptroller suggests that Wall Street could lose thousands more jobs, according to The New York Times. Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli projected the industry could shed another 10,000 by the end of 2012 in the face of declining profits. In the first half of 2011, the member firms of […]

Executive Hiring Looks Strong

Despite the sluggish hiring environment, a new survey from CareerBuilder.com found that nearly one in four companies hope to fill an executive-level position in coming months. The survey included hiring managers from nearly 2,700 companies from throughout the U.S. and across all industries. The technology sector led all industries in the survey with 35 percent […]

U.S. Adds 103,000 Jobs in September

The U.S. economy demonstrated some resiliency in September, seeing a net gain in jobs, according to the latest release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS data suggests that the U.S. actually added 103,000 jobs last month, nearly double the 57,000 jobs added in August. More importantly, there was actually an increase of 137,000 […]

Private Banker Pay Remains High

The financial sector has steadily begun to adapt to the new rules laid out by last year's Dodd-Frank banking reform bill, including among other aspects regulations on banker pay. Nevertheless, pay for private bankers has remained high even through the slumping economy, according to Reuters. The Dodd-Frank Act includes restrictions on the nature of banker […]

Young Money’s Campus Tour is in Full Swing

Yes, we are out and quite possibly in your backyard. Below is the information regarding the tour. Join us at a campus near you! Starting with the DePaul University on September 12 and ending with the University of California – Santa Cruz on November 17, the Young Money LIVE Campus Event and Speaking Tour will […]

New York Sees Major Investment From High-Tech Sector

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday, September 27, that the state has secured billions in investments from major high-tech companies, according to The Wall Street Journal. Five companies combined to bring $4.4 billion to fund research in New York. The companies include some of the largest players in the computing field, from domestic […]

Online Advertising Sees Major Growth in First Half of 2011

The online advertising sector saw surprising growth over the first half of 2011, reaching nearly $15 according to data released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Since its inception, online advertising has seen some dramatic swings, growing 320 percent in 1997 before eventually plummeting 20 percent in 2002. Despite the ongoing economic difficulties, however, […]