Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

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Financial Sector Faces Higher Costs With New Capital Standards

Even since the economic crisis in 2008, the financial sector has still appeared as one of the most profitable industries in the U.S. The sector could see a small downturn in coming years, however, as The Wall Street Journal reports regulators are likely to impose stricter risk management rules for big banks. The Basel Committee […]

Survey Puts Texas, Carolinas At Top of the List for Businesses

Marketing firm Development Counsellors International recently released its sixth "Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing" survey. Including more than 300 executives from companies across the country, the DCI survey aims to identify the states with the strongest and weakest reputations among the business community and identify the factors that make them appealing places to do […]

New Rule Could Send Trading Jobs Abroad

Some of the highest paid and prestigious positions on Wall Street could soon be disappearing with the implementation of some of last year's Dodd-Frank reforms, according to Bloomberg. The news source reports that the Volcker Rule, which seeks to reduce the kinds of risks banks take, could ultimately be applied even to foreign institutions that […]

Are You Choosing Between Your Job and Your Dreams?

I hear way too many of my clients berating themselves about the career they’ve chosen. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re making six figures or that they’re making a huge contribution to someone’s life. All they feel is crappy about it, all the time. It may sound a little odd at first. Their jobs […]

Technology Degrees Top List of Best Job Potential

Educational resource The Best Degrees recently released an analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data that attempts to highlight the best degrees in terms of job potential. The analysis brought together data on job opportunities from the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook, wage information and stated degree requirements, seeking to account for both the potential to […]

New Haven, Cleveland and Boston Top Best Locations For Recent Grads

A recent survey from the college job search website CareerRookie.com and Apartments.com offers a list of the best locations across the U.S. for recent graduates looking to begin their career on the right foot. CareerRookie.com factored together data on the number of jobs available for people with less than one year of experience, the average […]

Positions Available For Those Willing to Adapt

Unemployment in the U.S. continues to hover above 9 percent and many around the country face difficulty finding new work. A recent survey from CareerBuilder, however, found that those with experience and education have a variety of opportunities in some of the country’s largest companies. The survey included more than 800 workers laid off in […]

Manufacturing Offers Opportunities as Older Workers Retire

A new survey from Advanced Technology Services suggests that American manufacturers face a dire need for skilled workers and expect to absorb major costs as baby boomers retire. Lists of the most appealing careers in the U.S. often emphasize traditionally prestigious fields like law or up-and-coming sectors like technology, but many forget that the country […]

Obama Plans Speech on Jobs

President Barack Obama is set to speak on the state of the economy and a new plan to spur job creation Thursday night at 7. Reuters notes that the speech comes at a time when Obama's popularity has dropped to record lows, even as the election season creeps ever closer. With that in mind, the […]

Tight Market for Programmers Proves Good For Some, Bad For Others

The job market has proven dire for many people recently, but the situation is much the reverse in the programming world, according to NPR. As mobile hardware increases dramatically in functionality and software is integrated into a broader array of devices, the need for programmers to write that code is growing just as dramatically. "For […]