Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

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Want Success? Become a Self-Expert

When a potential client approaches me and the first thing they tell me is all the self-help books they have read, I cringe a little. I bet you’re thinking: “what kind of coach doesn’t like self help books?” Let me clarify my point of view: it’s not that I don’t like self help books, I […]

Unemployment Falls as U.S. Adds Jobs

The market has been jittery for months as the U.S. economy continues to stagnate after a promising start to the year. Investors got a slight boost on Friday, however, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the unemployment rate fell slightly in July. The agency announced that the U.S. added a net 117,000 jobs […]

IT Trending Towards More Targeted Positions, Though the Cloud Could Force a Change

ZDNet's Jason Hiner explains that the information technology field has changed dramatically since the early days of the computer, and the kinds of professions involved have changed as well. In a sense, the IT sector collapsed around the same time that the technology bubble first burst, as huge IT projects failed to produce results many […]

MBA Hiring Sees Global Recovery

The past few years have been a difficult time for most MBA graduates, as fewer companies felt comfortable enough bringing on new employees. Forbes now reports that a new data from international surveys and research found a significant turnaround in the outlook for most sectors, at least in terms of hiring MBAs. International recruiting firm […]

Financial Research Firm Releases Report Highlighting Tech-Savvy Professionals

In a report culled from surveys of over 5,100 consumers, the research firm Javelin Strategy and Research outlines methods in which tech-savvy, finance-minded consumers could be courted and retained by financial institutions (FIs). Javelin’s research placed special emphasis on a specific class of modern consumers, whom they referred to as “moneyhawks.” The report, entitled “How […]

Google+ a Potential Tool for Job Searches

Google+ has drawn interest from a wide variety of sectors for its variety of easy communication options. MSNBC's Eve Tahmincioglu suggests that for many industries the site could also see substantial use in looking for jobs. While not necessary in all fields, a growing number of industries make use of social media tools in their […]

Managers Should Consider Dropping Status Meetings

Most workers dread status meetings, whether they have to prepare a presentation or simply suffer through them. As much as many managers insist these meetings are crucial to sharing information, Avinoam Nowgrodski writes for ZDNet that this age-old custom may actually be dispensable. Nowgrodski acknowledges that sharing information is an important function in most businesses, […]

RIM Plans to Cut 2,000 Workers

Competition in the wireless market continues to push some of the smaller players. Smartphone maker Research In Motion has announced plans to cut 2,000 jobs and move around some executives, according to Bloomberg. The cuts would reduce RIM’s workforce by around 10 percent, bringing the company from down to 17,000 employees. The company explained that […]

NYC Aims to Take the Tech Sector

New York City may be the Big Apple, but it still lags behind Silicon Valley in terms of the booming technology industry. In an attempt to change that, The New York Times reports that Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced plans to subsidize a major new science and engineering university in the city. The plan looks to […]

Smaller Start-ups Slowing Job Growth

Xconomy reports that start-ups in the U.S. are hiring fewer people, substantially slowing the growth of new jobs. Many American see their country as exemplifying the entrepreneurial spirit and, while many countries certainly see the same drive from their people, start-ups have accounted for a substantial portion of America’s economy and particularly long-term jobs growth. […]