Monday, May 29th, 2017

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NYC Aims to Take the Tech Sector

New York City may be the Big Apple, but it still lags behind Silicon Valley in terms of the booming technology industry. In an attempt to change that, The New York Times reports that Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced plans to subsidize a major new science and engineering university in the city. The plan looks to […]

Smaller Start-ups Slowing Job Growth

Xconomy reports that start-ups in the U.S. are hiring fewer people, substantially slowing the growth of new jobs. Many American see their country as exemplifying the entrepreneurial spirit and, while many countries certainly see the same drive from their people, start-ups have accounted for a substantial portion of America’s economy and particularly long-term jobs growth. […]

Personal Devices Beat Out Work Computers

A new survey suggests that workers are substantially more productive using their own electronic devices than they are with those provided by their office, according to The Telegraph. Commissioned by software company Citrix Online and organized by YouGov, the survey asked businesses about the types of technology their employees use and their policies for using […]

MBA Students Interested in Technology Firms

A new survey found a growing number of business school graduates see technology companies as the most appealing places to work, according to The Wall Street Journal. Consulting firm Universum surveyed more than 6,000 students from dozens of business-schools around the country regarding their top five ideal employers. The Journal had the company narrow the […]

Multitasking Hurts Rather Than Helps Productivity

Many American professionals are expected to own a smartphone at this point, and a growing number might have a range of other devices, from tablets to laptops. All of this only adds to the desktops most offices still revolve around and the broad array of programs and applications each of these devices can be used […]

U.S. sees substantial private sector growth

The future of the U.S. economy remains somewhat in doubt, but June showed major improvement in certain areas of employment, according to The Financial Times. The latest ADP National Employment Report found that the private sector in the U.S. added as many as 157,000 jobs in June, compared to only 54,000 in May. The gains […]

Wall Street Shows Some Weakness

For a long time, the financial world has seemed like the unstoppable behemoth of the American economy. The Wall Street Journal notes, however, that the sector is hardly immune to market forces, as evidenced by a growing wave of layoffs sweeping across some of the biggest financial firms. Just since last Tuesday, layoff announcements between […]

U.S. Recovery Not What It Seems

The recovery from the financial crisis that began three years ago has been slow and painful, but the country has seen a number of promising indicators in recent months. Writing for Bloomberg, Alan Tonelson of the U.S. Business and Industry Council contends these signs of recovery might be overstated, however. Reports from the Bureau of […]

Technology Industry Expects Delay in U.S. Recovery

The technology industry is one of the leading sectors in the U.S. economy, but executives are ambivalent about the industry’s growth in coming years, according to a new survey from KPMG. The survey included 102 executives from software and hardware companies, most with more than $1 billion in revenue, but all with more than $100 […]

‘Quarter-life crisis’ rears in England

Nearly three-quarters of young professionals who are unhappy with their lives’ progression suffer their quarter-life crisis, according to a survey. The Daily Mail of London reports 73 percent of Britons aged 26- to 30-year-olds are enduring enough stress to make them believe everyone is achieving more than they are. The poll was administered by Vodaphone, […]