Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Career advice for those just starting a new career or people wishing to change their career path. Find articles on career advice, find a career with purpose, internships, finding jobs, career trends, top 10 careers in 2010, and tips to discovering the perfect job.

Technology Degrees Top List of Best Job Potential

Educational resource The Best Degrees recently released an analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data that attempts to highlight the best degrees in terms of job potential. The analysis brought together data on job opportunities from the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook, wage information and stated degree requirements, seeking to account for both the potential to […]

New Haven, Cleveland and Boston Top Best Locations For Recent Grads

A recent survey from the college job search website CareerRookie.com and Apartments.com offers a list of the best locations across the U.S. for recent graduates looking to begin their career on the right foot. CareerRookie.com factored together data on the number of jobs available for people with less than one year of experience, the average […]

Positions Available For Those Willing to Adapt

Unemployment in the U.S. continues to hover above 9 percent and many around the country face difficulty finding new work. A recent survey from CareerBuilder, however, found that those with experience and education have a variety of opportunities in some of the country’s largest companies. The survey included more than 800 workers laid off in […]

Manufacturing Offers Opportunities as Older Workers Retire

A new survey from Advanced Technology Services suggests that American manufacturers face a dire need for skilled workers and expect to absorb major costs as baby boomers retire. Lists of the most appealing careers in the U.S. often emphasize traditionally prestigious fields like law or up-and-coming sectors like technology, but many forget that the country […]

Obama Plans Speech on Jobs

President Barack Obama is set to speak on the state of the economy and a new plan to spur job creation Thursday night at 7. Reuters notes that the speech comes at a time when Obama's popularity has dropped to record lows, even as the election season creeps ever closer. With that in mind, the […]

Tight Market for Programmers Proves Good For Some, Bad For Others

The job market has proven dire for many people recently, but the situation is much the reverse in the programming world, according to NPR. As mobile hardware increases dramatically in functionality and software is integrated into a broader array of devices, the need for programmers to write that code is growing just as dramatically. "For […]

Banks Could See Drop in Profitability

Banks have performed well since the recent crisis, but a recent reports suggests the good times could be short-lived at least for the financial sector, according to Financial News. Global consulting firm McKinsey & Company released a report analyzing the returns on equity of the world's 13 largest investment banks and found prospects for the […]

Survey: Employers Looking at Emotional Intelligence

A recent survey by CareerBuilder.com highlights the importance employers place on emotional stability and reliability. Surveying more than 2,600 private sector hiring managers across the U.S., CareerBuilder examined the emphasis employers place on Emotional Intelligence. This measure is designed to characterize a person's ability to deal with stress, adapt to situations and overcome challenges. While […]

Want Success? Become a Self-Expert

When a potential client approaches me and the first thing they tell me is all the self-help books they have read, I cringe a little. I bet you’re thinking: “what kind of coach doesn’t like self help books?” Let me clarify my point of view: it’s not that I don’t like self help books, I […]

Unemployment Falls as U.S. Adds Jobs

The market has been jittery for months as the U.S. economy continues to stagnate after a promising start to the year. Investors got a slight boost on Friday, however, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the unemployment rate fell slightly in July. The agency announced that the U.S. added a net 117,000 jobs […]