Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

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Career advice for those just starting a new career or people wishing to change their career path. Find articles on career advice, find a career with purpose, internships, finding jobs, career trends, top 10 careers in 2010, and tips to discovering the perfect job.

Five Signs You Should Change Your Major

Provides statistical data and discusses some of the popular reasons students change their college major of study. Offers advice and inspiration to those contemplating changing their college major.

Invasion of the College Grads

Offers college graduation statistics involving average starting salary with a clear perspective on the job opportunity outlook.

A Winning Strategy: Tactics for an Effective Job Search

Offers winning strategies and tactics used in making an effective job search. Provides eight tactics you can put to use now.

‘Give Me a Chance’ Will Give You No Chance

Employers aren’t in business to give job candidates a chance. Show companies what you offer for a better shot at a job.

The Hidden Value of Hourly Jobs

Discusses the value of past hourly job experience when seeking a new career. Examples and topics include restaurants, child care, and retail sales.

Internships Are About People, Too

Offers information and advice on creating relationships with people with whom you work with in your internship. Relationships should include coworkers, supervisors and colleagues outside the organization.

I Have to Pick a Major — Now What?

Provides how-to advice, tips and information on choosing your college major. Includes references and links to research your college major interests.

Ask the Right Questions to Start Your Career

Explores these uncertain times in the world of work, both for employers and recent graduates starting their careers. Poses questions and offers advice on a range of topics including job training and career development.

Go Guerrilla to Beat a Tough Job Market

Offers statistical data, advice, and how-to information for college grads on obtaining a position in a slow economy.

What’s Next? Job hunting Tips For New Graduates

Discusses post graduation decision making for career success. Includes examples and information to help college graduates in this decision making process.