Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

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Money Management

Save Smart for Retirement

Although many people want to retire comfortably, saving the funds needed to do so can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are some simple strategies that people can use to increase the odds that they will be able to save the money they need in order to retire. Saving Is Important  Building a cushion of savings […]

These psychological traits could be losing you money right now

You could be losing money right now as a result of following many different psychological traits, according to Business Insider. Overconfidence Of all the various psychological hindrances identified by behavioral finance, overconfidence may be the easiest to spot, the media outlet reports. Overconfidence in this context involves people having too much faith in their ability […]

Current asset market trends encourage long-term financial planning

The trends that the asset markets are displaying currently should motivate young investors to engage in long-term financial planning strategies. Corporate data indicates that the individual correlation of stocks have been rising over the last few months. In addition, robust demand for high-quality debt-based instruments that are considered "safe" has pushed yields in many bonds […]

Young people can benefit from awareness of current stock correlations

Young people who are looking to invest their money can benefit from knowing about the current trends surrounding the stock market, including the high correlations that are being displayed by many individual equities and the forces helping to drive this behavior. The correlation, or the extent to which different stocks move in tandem with each […]

Target-date funds 101

Target date funds offer many benefits to potential investors, but there are caveats that should be observed when picking the appropriate fund to use. Target-date funds allocate assets based on the date by which investors want to be able to actually spend their money. Bankrate.com reports that one benefit of these funds is that they […]

BoA, Other Big Banks Being Reviewed for Antitrust Violations

Though banks went back on their proposal to impose fees for using debit cards, the incident is not over for several of the country’s biggest banks. The Los Angeles Times reports that the U.S. Department of Justice could begin looking into the possibility of antitrust violations among the banks involved. Several of the country’s largest […]

Banks Turning Elsewhere for Fees

As the surprising success of the consumer movement against fees charged by major banks begins to fade into memory, some have started questioning whether it was ultimately a success. The recent outcry that swept through customers of the nation's biggest banks was sparked largely by their decision to begin charging fees for using debit cards, […]

Almost all RIAs identify asset market volatility as one of top client concerns

A recent statement released by Invesco indicates that the majority of registered investment advisors (RIAs) believe that volatility in the market has made investors more risk averse in the past year. The market research study conducted by Invesco indicated that 59 percent of RIAs polled believe that market volatility has made clients more wary of […]

OneReceipt Brings All of Users’ Shopping to One Place

Two young entrepreneurs think they have found the solution to one of the biggest problems of road trips and holiday seasons alike. As the holidays near, many families are gearing up for rambling shopping sprees from store to store and site to site. While some enjoy it and others dread it, most can agree that […]

Hotel Prices in Asia and Latin America on the Rise

The hotels.com Hotel Price Index (HPI) indicates that hotel prices in Latin America and Asia rose in 2011 from 2010. Asian hotel prices rose 1 percent while hotels in Latin America increased rates 2 percent. The data contained in the HPI indicates that hotel prices in Latin America have increased for five quarters in a […]