Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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Money Management

Credit Card Terms Change, but Rewards Seem Untouched

Some watchers of the credit card industry predicted dire consequences if Congress passed the financial reform bill, claiming that issuers would recoup their losses by changing fees, charging more for issuing cards and cutting back on rewards. While the first two predictions appear to have been borne out, it seems that credit card companies aren’t […]

Meet the New Card, Same as the Old Card

You didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you? The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 took a wrecking ball to some of the more frustrating practices of the credit-card industry in an effort to help Americans trying to stay and get out of debt. Some estimates put the […]

As You Move, Consider Your Commuting Costs

When planning a move, the number of considerations you need to make can feel overwhelming. Renting or purchasing, monthly costs, utilities, roommates, furnishings, even neighbors – all of these play a role. But the old rule of realtors remains the most important: Location, location, location. It’s more than just a nice view or a neighborhood […]

Are more Americans finding ways to pay off their credit card debts?

A new report finds that for the third straight month credit card charge offs have fallen, which might be good news for Americans looking to get out of debt. According to the June credit card report from credit-rating agency Moody’s, credit card charge offs – those debts credit card companies deem as uncollectable – fell […]

A Helpful Guide to International Tipping

The custom of tipping is fraught with anxiety and cultural differences. It’s easy to get confused and inadvertently offend your hosts, guests or servers when you adopt the wrong tipping customs, whether it’s European tourists failing to leave more than a few dollars at a five-star restaurant in New York City or an American traveler […]

Split Your Paychecks Before They Even Arrive

Saving might seem easy until that paychecks lands in your hands or your bank account. Then, things start cropping up: You need to run to the laundromat, then the grocery store; you just got paid, so you splurge on a night out; there’s some money left, so you go shopping; next it’s time for rent, […]

DIY Tips to Save Money on Your Car

Anyone who’s ever owned a car – particularly one that’s been "pre-loved" – knows what an awful sink of time and money a motor vehicle can be. No single purchase, short of buying a home, will consume more of your resources over its operational life. It’s important to make sure you are getting the best […]

Use Google Voice to Save on Text and Call Fees

Recently, the Google Voice service opened itself up to all users, after a long period of invitation-only testing. The service began its life in 2005 as GrandCentral, an early program that let users unify all their telephone numbers via the web. Then Google bought GrandCentral, and after a period of apparent neglect, it unveiled Google […]

Your Credit Score: Why it Matters

Imagine that you’re a loan officer at the local bank. Two customers, Mr. Rich and Mr. Buck, come in to borrow money. You check Mr. Rich’s history; he has an excellent credit score, 800. Mr. Buck’s score is an embarrassingly low 300. To whom should you lend money? Mr. Buck’s low credit score indicates that […]

How the World of Credit Cards Has Changed

How the World of Credit Cards Has Changed The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 was a sweeping reform of the nation’s credit card practices that may end up saving consumers $10 billion a year. Here’s a quick review of the changes, which should theoretically make using credit cards easier and less […]