Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Money Management

Credit Unions See Jump In Interest

The outrage sparked by the recent announcement of increased fees at major banks across the country has already proven to be a boon for credit unions, according to the Credit Union Times. Though credit unions have always offered a low-cost banking option, their association with particular groups or organizations and lack of self-promotion has kept […]

Fee Uproar Sparks Online Banking

American banks have taken some heat recently over the decision to increase fees on services that have traditionally been free. DailyFinance.com reports that one of the unintended effects of the move has been a sudden increase in interest in online banking. PerkStreet Financial, an online bank founded in 2009, told the news source that it […]

Citi Ups Checking Account Fees

Numerous national banks have introduced new fees for some of their traditionally free services, primarily debit cards. Now Citibank has announced that it will increase fees on its checking accounts starting in December, according to CNN. Citibank already imposes fees on many of its checking accounts without a certain minimum balance throughout the month. The […]

Cost of Waiting: Why Gen Y Needs to Start Saving for Retirement Now

According to a recent survey released by TD Ameritrade, more than half of the Gen Y respondents said that they plan to retire on schedule. Yet, 48 percent are no longer saving, 33 percent have stopped saving for retirement and 27 percent are piling on credit card debt.

As individuals, we may not be able to control the economy at large, but we can impact our own financial futures by adopting smarter spending and saving habits—habits that can help us handle life’s big events, as well as our eventual retirement (however we define it).

Americans Have Options to Big Banks

Americans have voiced outrage at the idea that banks would begin charging for the use of debit cards, with many vowing to switch to competitors. ConsumerAffairs.com notes that Americans' options extend well beyond major national banks, however. One of the most underutilized money management options for Americans is the credit union. Unlike commercial banks, credit […]

Banks Plan to Impose Debit Card Fees

During the debates over last year's financial reform bill, banks warned that some of the provisions could raise costs on consumers. The New York Times reports that many Americans could soon face the consequences of that policy, as a number of banks announce they plan to impose fees for debit cards. Banks faced a steep […]

How Car Users Can Maintain Favorable Personal Finances

Consumers in the U.S. looking to cut down on costs of living may be able to do so by reducing payments made pertaining to their cars. Although doing this is not necessarily a simple process, adjustments to automobile use can be made that have the potential to noticeably lessen the financial burden a car might […]

Personal Finance Mobile Applications May Have Security Problems

As enticing as a given personal finance or money-related software application might be for smartphone and tablet computer users, it may also pose a considerable security risk. A study conducted by the security firm Viaforensics in Illinois found that about 25 percent of "apps" falling into this category had some kind of problem with data […]

U.S. States Requiring Personal Finance Education for High School Students

The state of Virginia recently announced that it would begin adding personal finance and economics classes to the overall high school curriculum. Several U.S. states already have similar requirements or are aiming to include them, including Maryland, Missouri, Utah and Tennessee, according to USA Today. This announcement is part of a recent trend promoting financial […]

Strategies for Young Professionals Looking to Up Their Credit Score

A high credit score can be a valuable asset for professionals in their 20s, but it may not always be an easy thing for such individuals to obtain. To maximize their potential for having optimal credit, financially savvy consumers in this age group often engage in several beneficial practices, according to Fox Business. It has […]