Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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Money Management

New Social Network Provides Personal Finance Advice

Online social networking is perhaps one of the most prominent trends in the culture of the world today. A newly launched website, Social Premier, intends to use this internet format to provide personal finance information, advice and various related services to its members. The new site will offer information and tips regarding topics such as […]

Possible Effects of S&P Downgrade on U.S. Consumers

The major financial ratings firm Standard & Poor’s (S&P) officially lowered the U.S. credit rating on August 5. This downgrade is widely being characterized as a massive shake-up bound to cause problems for major financial markets. Effects of the lowered rating on individual consumers are not yet clear, according to the Boston Globe. The news […]

Employees Using 401(k) Funds for Personal Expenses

401(k) accounts are one of the more prevalent retirement savings accounts in the U.S. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, a considerable amount of Americans are withdrawing some of the money saved in their 401(k)s for various expenses. Borrowing from these accounts may lead to damaging consequences, even when using the money for reasonable purposes […]

Large and Small Banks Battle For U.S. Consumers’ Finances

Banking in the United States is largely dominated by major financial institutions, specifically Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, among several others. According to The Huffington Post, the reasoning for this is fairly simple – a significant number of people choose their bank based on its proximity to their residence or place […]

Financial Research Firm Releases Report Highlighting Tech-Savvy Professionals

In a report culled from surveys of over 5,100 consumers, the research firm Javelin Strategy and Research outlines methods in which tech-savvy, finance-minded consumers could be courted and retained by financial institutions (FIs). Javelin’s research placed special emphasis on a specific class of modern consumers, whom they referred to as “moneyhawks.” The report, entitled “How […]

Consumers Prepare for Consequences of Possible U.S. Government Debt Default

The August 2 deadline for the U.S. federal debt crisis, when the government must pay its debts or default, is fast approaching. American consumers are monitoring the process and preparing for potential effects on their personal finances, according to the Boston Globe. Unlike the national financial crisis of 2008, the major markets on Wall Street […]

Personal Finance Website Conducts “American Dream” Survey with National Endowment

According to a survey created by the personal finance website MainStreet in association with the National Endowment for Financial Education, saving money for one’s retirement is the ultimate financial goal of many adults in the United States. Specifically, 47 percent of American adults surveyed affirmed hopes for a financially comfortable retirement. The survey, conducted by […]

Financial Planning Firm Offers Personal Finance Tips for 2011

To address the personal finance needs of consumers in 2011, Heritage Financial Planning has created a comprehensive list covering practices it hopes will prove valuable to those making long-term financial plans. Paul R. Streiber, a Heritage certified financial planner (CFP), authored the list. Streiber covers several topics, including budget creation, investment portfolios, insurance, estate tax […]

Fuel-Efficiency Often Misunderstood and Not Always the Best Choice

While gas prices have declined somewhat since the release of national reserves, most Americans still face costs of almost $1 more per gallon than they did one year ago. Some analysts expect that within the next few years Saudi Arabia could fail to meet the constantly growing global demand as well, threatening to send prices […]

Insurance Not Enough to Prevent Debt

Recent medical reforms emphasized the huge number of Americans who lack any kind of insurance. A new study from the University of Arizona points out that people can face incredible difficulty even with insurance. Patricia Herman, a researcher at the University of Arizona’s College of Pharmacy, looked to follow up on recent studies that found […]