Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Money Management

Credit Unions a Different Option for Banking

For many younger Americans, the choice of banks is often a matter of convenience. A college campus might be flooded with ATMs from Bank of America, so the choice is relatively simple. As people start to look at their banking options, The Wall Street Journal points out that smaller credit unions actually offer benefits above […]

New credit card technology makes travel harder for Americans

Traveling has also had its fair share of hassles, particularly when it comes to money. Exorbitant exchange fees or the hassle of a lost credit card can ruin a lot of trips, but Michelle Higgins of The New York Times notes an increasingly common problem for many travelers is the growth of new “Chip and […]

Bank of America Customers Beware: Your Credit Card Penalty Rates Could Soar

If you’re a Bank of America customer, your dander will definitely rise within seconds. The North Carolina-based bank said it could begin charging customers who miss a payment on their credit cards a higher penalty interest rate on future purchases, according to a recently published report. The Wall Street Journal reports that Bank of America […]

A ‘How To’ Manual On Buying Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance isn’t as popular an insurance option as some other kinds, including health and homeowner’s. Perhaps because renters often feel like transients, they’re a little unwilling to fork over the money to insure their possessions in a place they don’t own. Nonetheless, it’s not a bad idea to think about purchasing some form of […]

Have No Fear: Homeowner’s Insurance Help is Here

Navigating through the complex world of insurance companies can seem like a daunting task – often, because it is. There are scores of different types of insurance consumers can buy to protect themselves and their families from unfortunate events, but it can be difficult to tell what type of insurance you need when you're dealing […]

Deciding Between Buying and Renting? Here’s Some Advice

It’s a difficult decision that most everyone has to make in his or her life: Should I rent or buy my place? People struggle to answer the question because there are lot of factors that come into play, including your income and where you’re deciding about living. Ultimately, the decision can be made if you […]

Deciding Where You’ll Go For College? Consider Your Return On Investment

It’s that time of year again: High school seniors around the U.S. – the world for that matter – are receiving decision letters from colleges and universities. It’s a nerve-wracking time for sure, but once you’re gotten that coveted acceptance letter from your first choice school, you have some big decisions to make. Deciding which […]

Experts Advise How to Make Instant Improvements to Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score is incredibly important, especially if you’re looking to borrow money for a car loan or mortgage, among other things. During the recession, the credit scores of many Americans were hurt by their failure to pay the principal on loans they had. As the economy recovers and consumer spending improves, there […]

Survey: Millionaires Grow More Confident in Economic Recovery; Some Don’t Feel Wealthy

If you're a Millennial, then you may remember the movie "Blank Check" from your childhood. Essentially, the cinematic masterpiece was about a kid who obtains a blank check and through a series of serendipitous events, cashes it in for $1 million; he then proceeds to buy himself everything from a mansion to a water slide.  […]

Many Americans Don’t Understand Their Credit Scores – Do You?

According to a survey from the Consumer Federation of America and VantageScore Solutions, the majority of Americans don't understand how their credit scores are determined and when and how they're used. Of those surveyed, more than 67 percent incorrectly said that a person's age is considered when determining a credit score. Moreover, a "majority" of […]