Saturday, October 21st, 2017

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Credit Reports

What’s a FICO score? YOUNG MONEY articles, books, tips, advice for college students on understanding your credit history and credit score.

The Importance of Knowing Your Credit Score
Do you know who’s looking at your credit score?
False late reports keep your FICO score down.
Stop wasting time, find out the facts. It’s worth the time.
Go get a Free Credit Report.

Experts Advise How to Make Instant Improvements to Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score is incredibly important, especially if you’re looking to borrow money for a car loan or mortgage, among other things. During the recession, the credit scores of many Americans were hurt by their failure to pay the principal on loans they had. As the economy recovers and consumer spending improves, there […]

Dad’s Advice May Not Be That Far Fetched

Really, what does dad know anyway? As it turns out, quite a bit, according to a recent release from the Federal Trade Commission. In honor of Father’s Day, the regulator highlighted how some traditional pieces of fatherly advice may actually help younger people deal with their security and personal finance goals. Take, for example, that […]

FTC Hands Out Tips to Those Who Just Got Diplomas

The Federal Trade Commission recently released a set of tips aimed at young people who recently graduated from college, which may help them maintain their personal finances. One of the tips offered by the FTC was that younger consumers should keep their information to themselves. Doing so can help prevent identity theft, which can inflict […]

Banks May use Facebook to Gauge Your Ability to Pay a Loan

Social networking sites have been popular with young people since they started appearing on the internet, although they carry with them certain dangers. One threat presented by sites like MySpace and Facebook is they offer criminals to gain information about younger people, which can lead to a variety of crimes. Those could include identity theft, […]

Will Talking to Debt Collector Reset SOL?

Collector is saying I owe more than I do

Statue of Limitations & Time Debts Stay on Credit Report

How long can something stay on your credit report?

Does the Collection Agency Have to Remove An Error?

Collection ageny refuses to remove a mistake, what can I do?

Are Hospital Bills as “Valid” as Others?

If I’m out of work and getting treatment will they send me to collections?

Collector Won’t Accept My Money

An overdrawn bank account causes lasting problems.

Can They Send Me to Collections?

Can a medical office send me to collections just because they want more money?