Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

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YOUNG MONEY articles, books, tips, advice for college students on student credit card debt, student financial traps, how to build credit and avoid debt, understanding your credit history.

The Importance of Knowing Your Credit Score
Do you know who’s looking at your credit score?
False late reports keep your FICO score down.
Stop wasting time, find out the facts. It’s worth the time.
Go get a Free Credit Report.

One in Four Americans 18-29 Will Postpone Paying Debt Due to Economy, Survey States

One in four Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 will postpone paying debt due to current economic conditions, according to a recent study performed by nonprofit organization Generation Opportunity. A statement released by the organization indicates that the cause of this mindset among the youth is a lack of jobs. Since Americans have […]

New Research Indicates Consumers Tackle Small Debts Before Large Ones

Recent research in the American Marketing Association’s Journal of Marketing Research indicates that consumers tend to pay off their smaller debts first, even though they would save more money on interest by paying off larger, higher interest-rate loans, according to a statement. The authors of the research have stated that providing a better framework for […]

Tips for Dealing With Debt Collectors

Consumers who find themselves in problematic financial positions may end up dealing with debt collectors. These interactions can be difficult to maneuver through for those unprepared to properly analyze their personal finances. According to the Sacramento Bee, it is entirely possible to navigate the treacherous waters of debt and work towards a solution with careful […]

Bank of America Customers Beware: Your Credit Card Penalty Rates Could Soar

If you’re a Bank of America customer, your dander will definitely rise within seconds. The North Carolina-based bank said it could begin charging customers who miss a payment on their credit cards a higher penalty interest rate on future purchases, according to a recently published report. The Wall Street Journal reports that Bank of America […]

Experts Advise How to Make Instant Improvements to Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score is incredibly important, especially if you’re looking to borrow money for a car loan or mortgage, among other things. During the recession, the credit scores of many Americans were hurt by their failure to pay the principal on loans they had. As the economy recovers and consumer spending improves, there […]

Many Americans Don’t Understand Their Credit Scores – Do You?

According to a survey from the Consumer Federation of America and VantageScore Solutions, the majority of Americans don't understand how their credit scores are determined and when and how they're used. Of those surveyed, more than 67 percent incorrectly said that a person's age is considered when determining a credit score. Moreover, a "majority" of […]

BillMyParents Helps Teens Learn Money-Management Skills

It's often hard to manage a credit card when you're first introduced to the idea of spending money you don't have. Often times, people forget that the money spent must be paid back – especially when the excitement of a $400 'investment' in that sweater you've been eyeing at Barney's. In an effort to help […]

Check Your Tax Refund Status Using New I.R.S. Smart Phone App

Filing your taxes can be quite the hassle. Unless you want the Internal Revenue Service after you, though, you should make sure they’re filed by April 15. A newly released smart phone app from the I.R.S. won’t help you file your taxes, but it will let you keep track of your tax refund status – […]

Like Video Games and Business? Try LavaMind’s Business Simulation Games

The business world can be hard to understand. It fluctuates on a day-to-day basis and is affected by myriad economic factors. Schools and universities around the country have endeavored to better teach young people about money and business using games that are interactive and tap into today's video game culture, like the offerings from LavaMind. […]

Credit Card Companies and Banks Targeting Riskier Borrowers Again

After the recession struck in 2007, credit card companies and banks suffered massive losses as consumers defaulted on their payments. Since then, they have been wary of lending to consumers, but recently there has been an uptick in credit card offers, according to the New York Times. Some borrowers who were turned down as recently […]