Friday, October 20th, 2017

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YOUNG MONEY articles, books, tips and advice on personal finance and money management for college students and young adults – savings and banks, how to save money and find student discounts.

How to Keep Your Car Insurance Payments Low

This post is from guest author Jesse Johnson. From rising gas prices to outrageous costs for repairs and regular maintenance, owning a car is expensive. Over time, car insurance can be one of the largest expenses you may never actually use. Many people pay too much for coverage they don’t need, and they don’t understand […]

Cost of Waiting: Why Gen Y Needs to Start Saving for Retirement Now

According to a recent survey released by TD Ameritrade, more than half of the Gen Y respondents said that they plan to retire on schedule. Yet, 48 percent are no longer saving, 33 percent have stopped saving for retirement and 27 percent are piling on credit card debt.

As individuals, we may not be able to control the economy at large, but we can impact our own financial futures by adopting smarter spending and saving habits—habits that can help us handle life’s big events, as well as our eventual retirement (however we define it).

How to Get Free Shipping

Buying things online can get expensive, especially when you realize at the end of the check-out process there is an outrageous shipping cost! Figure out how to save on shipping with these helpful tips.

Use the Internet to Save Money

The internet isn’t just a great way to shop without leaving your home, it’s also a great way to save money without the tedious, old-fashioned task of clipping coupons. With a little smart shopping and a few extra resources, internet deals can save your budget and even give you a little extra room to “splurge” […]

With Savings, Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees

A lot of advice on savings focuses on little, day-to-day things: Making your own coffee instead of buying Starbucks; buying generic instead of brand-name; eating out less; and occasionally biking instead of taking the car. That’s fine, and it can help trim the fat from your budget. But for real savings, it’s often necessary to […]

Top Misconceptions that Young People Have about Money

When well-known financial commentator Ben Stein was asked whether he worries about having enough money in the future, he confidently replied that he does not. That’s because he asserted that his “young self” made sure to take good financial care of his “old self.” His celebrity notwithstanding, Stein isn’t burdened by his financial future because […]

Use Google Voice to Save on Text and Call Fees

Recently, the Google Voice service opened itself up to all users, after a long period of invitation-only testing. The service began its life in 2005 as GrandCentral, an early program that let users unify all their telephone numbers via the web. Then Google bought GrandCentral, and after a period of apparent neglect, it unveiled Google […]

Social Networking Can Connect You With Online Deals

Hopping on Facebook or checking out a person’s Twitter account may be one way younger people spend their time online. And while some may view doing so as a waste of time, there are ways that these social networking sites may be able to help with personal finance decisions and planning a home budget. In […]

Rent or Own? Things to Consider Before Buying

Many young people will probably opt to rent for a while before jumping into home ownership. And before they buy their first place, there are number of things they should probably consider. According to the American Bankers Association, one of the first concerns should be whether a person can even afford the payments associated with […]

Can You Negotiate the Price of Your Apartment Rental?

More often than not, you’re in a rush when you’re looking for the perfect apartment. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to find that perfect apartment that is within your means of affording. So when you find something that is perfect and is within or almost within your budget, you want to snatch […]