Thursday, August 17th, 2017

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YOUNG MONEY articles, books, tips and advice on spending and money management for college students and young adults – managing college expenses, commoon student money mistakes, credit cards vs. debit cards.

Top Misconceptions that Young People Have about Money

When well-known financial commentator Ben Stein was asked whether he worries about having enough money in the future, he confidently replied that he does not. That’s because he asserted that his “young self” made sure to take good financial care of his “old self.” His celebrity notwithstanding, Stein isn’t burdened by his financial future because […]

Don’t forget to include Fun in your Home Budget

Trying to get out of debt could cause many people to avoid adding any fun money to their home budgets. However, totally eliminating the ability to let off some steam could end up adding even more stress to an already difficult situation. In a recent piece for Tennessee’s Knoxville News Sentinel, personal finance advisor Dave […]

Do You Earn, Spend, Earn? Free Yourself.

Avoid the treadmill of earning and spending just to keep up with your neighbors.

Do Money Savers Hate America?

How can I help our country get out of the recession without hurting myself?

Five Tips for Surviving Black Friday

If you’re braving the mall follow our common sense shopping rules.

Ten Halloween Costumes for Ten dollars!

Top 10 cheap & easy Halloween costumes

A Good Time to Buy a New House

An $8000 credit and more buyer protection make this a great time to buy a house.

Financial Con Men: From Ponzi to Madoff

Bernie Madoff received 150 years in prison. In honor of this, we present a few profiles on some of our “favorite” con men.

Your First Apartment: Knowing Your Rights as a Tenant

Key tenant rights such as how much notice your landlord has to give before entering your apartment.

Celebrity Homes Worth Over $20 Million

Photo gallery of just a few of celebrity homes worth over $20 million