Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

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Personal Finance

Insurance Advice in the Wake of Hurricane Irene

Many people living in the Northeast U.S. are wondering today what happened to all the rain that was supposed to hit. Many others, however, are still waiting for the lights to come back on so they can start to tally the damage. Forbes' Deborah Jacobs offers advice on how to approach filing an insurance claims […]

How Car Users Can Maintain Favorable Personal Finances

Consumers in the U.S. looking to cut down on costs of living may be able to do so by reducing payments made pertaining to their cars. Although doing this is not necessarily a simple process, adjustments to automobile use can be made that have the potential to noticeably lessen the financial burden a car might […]

Personal Finance Mobile Applications May Have Security Problems

As enticing as a given personal finance or money-related software application might be for smartphone and tablet computer users, it may also pose a considerable security risk. A study conducted by the security firm Viaforensics in Illinois found that about 25 percent of "apps" falling into this category had some kind of problem with data […]

U.S. States Requiring Personal Finance Education for High School Students

The state of Virginia recently announced that it would begin adding personal finance and economics classes to the overall high school curriculum. Several U.S. states already have similar requirements or are aiming to include them, including Maryland, Missouri, Utah and Tennessee, according to USA Today. This announcement is part of a recent trend promoting financial […]

Strategies for Young Professionals Looking to Up Their Credit Score

A high credit score can be a valuable asset for professionals in their 20s, but it may not always be an easy thing for such individuals to obtain. To maximize their potential for having optimal credit, financially savvy consumers in this age group often engage in several beneficial practices, according to Fox Business. It has […]

New Social Network Provides Personal Finance Advice

Online social networking is perhaps one of the most prominent trends in the culture of the world today. A newly launched website, Social Premier, intends to use this internet format to provide personal finance information, advice and various related services to its members. The new site will offer information and tips regarding topics such as […]

Investors Urged Not to Panic Despite Drops in Stock Prices

The U.S. economy has experienced numerous troubles throughout the summer – the debt ceiling crisis, downgrading of the federal credit and falling stock prices. Despite this, various experts in economics are saying that investors should not believe the troubles will be a long-term trend, according to the Washington Post. The news source reports that panic […]

Rough Market Bad News for Tech IPOs

So far this year, the IPO market has been dominated by a new set of technology companies. That could change in the wake of the recent market volatility, according to USA Today. The recent downgrade of the U.S. debt rating threw global markets into a panic at the start of the week, continuing the long, […]

U.S. Stock Prices Continue to Fall

All of the groups in the Standard and Poor’s (S&P) 500 index were subject to drops of at least two percent on August 10. Several major U.S. stocks experienced drops of over nine percent, including Bank of America, Citigroup Inc. and Walt Disney Company, and the overall S&P 500 index dropped by a total of […]

S&P Drop Causes Panic Among Various Financial Advisers and Clients

Coming swiftly on the heels of the August 5 downgrade of the U.S. credit rating – from AAA to the less-than-perfect AA+ – by influential ratings agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P), the firm’s S&P 500 futures index reported a drop of six percent on Monday, August 8. This has brought considerable additional consternation to some […]