Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Financial Sector Faces Higher Costs With New Capital Standards

Even since the economic crisis in 2008, the financial sector has still appeared as one of the most profitable industries in the U.S. The sector could see a small downturn in coming years, however, as The Wall Street Journal reports regulators are likely to impose stricter risk management rules for big banks. The Basel Committee […]

Prepaid Phone Plans Offer Potential Savings For Up-Front Costs

Despite the high up-front costs, prepaid cellphones can offer substantial savings over the course of a contract, according to PCWorld. The costs for a prepaid cellphone can seem daunting for several reasons, with the condensed price of the plan only part of it. Often people will want to get a phone along with the prepaid […]

Capital One, ING Direct Defend Merger

Capital One offered a defense to Congress on Tuesday, September 20, of its proposed merger with ING Direct USA, according to The New York Times. ING has been looking to sell its American branch for months as the company attempts to meet requirements placed upon it by the bailout it received from the Dutch government. […]

Fed Likely to Introduce New Policy, But Expectations Muted

The Federal Reserve is likely to announce a new monetary easing policy, according to a Bloomberg survey. Reuters reports that the Federal Reserve began its meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee on Tuesday, September 20. The policy-making body was responsible for the recent "quantitative easing" policies designed to spur economic activity that ended in […]

Obama Proposes Cuts and Taxes to Reduce Deficit

President Barack Obama offered the first proposal for reducing the deficit in line with last month's debt ceiling agreement, according to The New York Times. The president hopes the plan could reduce the deficit by as much as $3 trillion over the next 10 years, and makes use of a variety of cuts as well […]

Intel and McAfee Offer Deeper Computer Security

The Intel Developer Forum finally offered a look at the company's long-awaited next step in computer security, according to InformationWeek. Data security has become an increasingly important topic for many consumers as more personal and financial details move to potentially vulnerable electronic formats. At the same time, the technology used in viruses and spyware has […]

What do you know about white collar crime?

What do you know about white collar crime? Fraudulent activity is on the rise. Reports of money laundering rose 9% between 2009 and 2010 – and that’s only the crooks they caught (Journal of Accountancy, Fraud).  Becoming aware of the red flags of fraud and how to prevent book-cooking in the first place is the […]

Life Insurance Something To Consider For Anyone

Most people prefer not to think about insurance whenever possible. Almost everyone prefers to avoid mention of life insurance. The Houston Chronicle, however, lays out some of the basic principles behind life insurance and the keys to a cost-effective policy. While most younger Americans are willing to accept the sense behind health insurance, many see […]

Margin of Safety Key to Long-Term Investment

Investors have had a difficult time in recent years as the market experiences volatility. The Motley Fool argues that anyone looking to delve into the stock market should have patience and hold stocks for the long term, but also respect Warren Buffet’s three key words of investing: margin of safety. Margin of safety is the […]

Why Capital Gains Serve a Purpose

Many legislators and political activists have made the argument recently that capital gains represent an unacceptable loophole in the country’s tax code, but the argument can be made that the problem lies with the perception of capital gains. Daniel Indiviglio of The Atlantic points out one particular article in The Washington Post that contends the […]