Thursday, July 27th, 2017

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What do you know about white collar crime?

What do you know about white collar crime? Fraudulent activity is on the rise. Reports of money laundering rose 9% between 2009 and 2010 – and that’s only the crooks they caught (Journal of Accountancy, Fraud).  Becoming aware of the red flags of fraud and how to prevent book-cooking in the first place is the […]

Life Insurance Something To Consider For Anyone

Most people prefer not to think about insurance whenever possible. Almost everyone prefers to avoid mention of life insurance. The Houston Chronicle, however, lays out some of the basic principles behind life insurance and the keys to a cost-effective policy. While most younger Americans are willing to accept the sense behind health insurance, many see […]

Margin of Safety Key to Long-Term Investment

Investors have had a difficult time in recent years as the market experiences volatility. The Motley Fool argues that anyone looking to delve into the stock market should have patience and hold stocks for the long term, but also respect Warren Buffet’s three key words of investing: margin of safety. Margin of safety is the […]

Why Capital Gains Serve a Purpose

Many legislators and political activists have made the argument recently that capital gains represent an unacceptable loophole in the country’s tax code, but the argument can be made that the problem lies with the perception of capital gains. Daniel Indiviglio of The Atlantic points out one particular article in The Washington Post that contends the […]

Republicans Raise Opposition to Obama Tax Plan

President Barack Obama’s recently unveiled job creation proposal has quickly divided politicians. The Wall Street Journal reports that Republicans have raised issue with the president’s plan to pay for the plan, which would largely come from increased taxes on higher income Americans. The new job plan suggests a variety of measures designed to encourage business […]

Opting Out of Credit Card Offers Is Easier Than Many Expect

As the U.S. pulls further away from the worst of the credit crunch in 2008 and 2009, the number of credit card offers piling up in mailboxes around the country has started to climb once again. Americans are not necessarily doomed to the hassle of sorting through these offers, however, as there are ways to […]

Insurance Advice in the Wake of Hurricane Irene

Many people living in the Northeast U.S. are wondering today what happened to all the rain that was supposed to hit. Many others, however, are still waiting for the lights to come back on so they can start to tally the damage. Forbes' Deborah Jacobs offers advice on how to approach filing an insurance claims […]

How Car Users Can Maintain Favorable Personal Finances

Consumers in the U.S. looking to cut down on costs of living may be able to do so by reducing payments made pertaining to their cars. Although doing this is not necessarily a simple process, adjustments to automobile use can be made that have the potential to noticeably lessen the financial burden a car might […]

Personal Finance Mobile Applications May Have Security Problems

As enticing as a given personal finance or money-related software application might be for smartphone and tablet computer users, it may also pose a considerable security risk. A study conducted by the security firm Viaforensics in Illinois found that about 25 percent of "apps" falling into this category had some kind of problem with data […]

U.S. States Requiring Personal Finance Education for High School Students

The state of Virginia recently announced that it would begin adding personal finance and economics classes to the overall high school curriculum. Several U.S. states already have similar requirements or are aiming to include them, including Maryland, Missouri, Utah and Tennessee, according to USA Today. This announcement is part of a recent trend promoting financial […]