Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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Personal Finance

8 Financial Tips for Newly Married Women

A man is not a financial plan. Tips for women to stay independent, even when married.

Thomas Jefferson No Longer Worthy of Study

Texas changing civil rights & global politics, replacing them with conservative historic figures and beliefs.

5 Tax Tips for Tough Tax Situations

How does getting divorced, a death in the family, kids moving out, a mistake on your W-2 and other troubling situations affect your taxes?

Stupid Stimulus Spending

You won’t believe some of the things our stimulus money is funding!

Kindle: A Cheaper & Better Way to Read Books

Textbooks, novels, comics, magazines, newspapers… how can you save money on all of these?

10 Reasons Gen X/Y Will Transform Retail Banking

How will the millennials change the way we bank?

Fight High Heating Bills with an Energy Audit

Burning money on high heating bills? The first thing you should do to extinguish the waste.

Recession Provokes Domestic Violence

More domestic violence cases are being reported, yet programs that could help are being slashed.

Going Postal Five Days a Week

Post Office wants to stop Saturday delivery