Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Personal Finance

Student Spending is Cause for Alarm

Some university students struggle to manage the financial responsibilities needed to pay for a college education.

Drivers Express Personalities Through Art Cars

Car artists see their vehicles as traveling forms of artistic expression. A glimpse into the world of art cars.

The Truth About Used Car Prices

Learn the real price of the vehicle before you buy a used car from a dealer.

Social Security Number Use Puts Students at Risk

Universities that use Social Security numbers as identification could be baiting thieves to steal students’ identities, security experts say.

Finding A Cell Phone Plan That Works For You

Learn to comparison shop for cellular phone plans and choose the best calling plan for you. Cellular plans vary according to pricing, calling features and service contracts.

Graduates Must Learn To Budget

College graduates need money management skills after leaving school. Students should learn facts about budgeting, credit reports and debt management.

College Group Teaches Students the ABC’s of Credit and Debt

A student-run organization is providing financial education to University of Arizona students and faculty.

Simple Strategies for Getting Out of Debt

Manage your debt by paying more than the minimum payment and canceling your credit cards. Lower your interest rates to become debt free.

Online Banks vs. Traditional Banks

Online banks and traditional banks each have their pros and cons, but many people are not aware of them.

Students Neglect to Budget for Future

Recent research from the Consumer Federation of America proved that one fifth of undergraduates that carry credit cards have a debt of $10,000 or more.