Thursday, July 27th, 2017

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Personal Finance

International Students’ Credit Card Use Tracked by INS

The U.S. government is tracking credit card transactions made by foreign students as part of its new special registration and tracking system.

Smart Students Solve Problems by Biking to Class

More students find that biking to class reduces the stresses that come with campus life, such as traffic and parking problems.

Consumers Beware When Buying Used Cars

First time student car shoppers often learn the hard way about the risks of buying a used car. Knowing about the Used Car Rule Buyers Guide is a good start.

Just The Facts: What You Need to Know BEFORE Paying With Plastic

Credit card tips for college students. Get the facts on shopping for deals on interest rates and finance charges, and managing credit card debt.

Tips On Making International Phone Calls

Finding the cheapest international long distance calling plans – shopping for deals on a long distance phone rate for overseas calls, plus tips on using dial around numbers.

Stash or Trash?

From dolls to action figures and posters, your childhood toys could be worth more than memories.

Students Realize Credit Cards Can Be Detrimental to Financial Future

Credit card debt is one major financial problem students obtain during their time at college.