Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

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Personal Finance

Fail-Proof Car Buying Techniques

Key tips to know when bargaining with a used car dealer.

Holiday Shopping: Is a Sale Price Your Best Deal?

The Federal Trade Commission offers holiday shopping tips on knowing a good sale price,refund and return policies.

Can’t Afford Graduate School: Think Again

Fellowships, scholarships, financial aid and on-campus jobs exist to help students pay for graduate school tuition.

Financial Basics for College Students

Students can avoid debt problems by developing a spending plan, limiting credit card spending and getting a copy of their credit report.

New Auto Technology Makes Today’s Vehicles Mobile Offices and Entertainment Systems

Automotive electronics are turning cars into mobile offices and home entertainment systems. New auto technology features DVD players, satellite navigation, and speech recognition.

Hot Holiday Gifts

Read our consumer shopping guide to find affordable holiday gifts…

Personal Finances Are Hurdle for Graduates

While all college graduates take different paths to jobs or graduate work, each has a similar hurdle to face: personal finances.

New ‘POD’ Car Reads Your Mind, and Tells All

The POD, personalization on demand, is a new Toyota concept car with ability to detect and respond to the emotions of the driver.

Survival Guide Helps Students Get Finances In Order

A personal finance guide offers money tips for young adults.

Group Warns Students of Pitfalls of Credit Card Debt

A nonprofit consumer advocacy group has launched a website warning college students about common debt traps and credit card companies.