Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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YOUNG MONEY articles on television of interest to college students and young adults.

Xbox Users Can Now Stream Hulu Plus From Console

Starting Friday, Microsoft will offer Xbox users the ability to stream Hulu Plus from their video game consoles. According to Microsoft, Xbox Live Gold members will be eligible to stream Hulu Plus through their Xbox to their televisions. Hulu Plus is a pay-model version of the popular website that allows visitors to stream popular television […]

Report: 30-Second Commercial Spot on Oprah Final to Cost $1 Million

Oprah is not only one of the most successful media personalities of all time, she's also a skilled businesswoman and entrepreneur. If you want to advertise during the finale of her ultra-successful eponymous show in May, you better pony up money: Reports this week have said Oprah will charge up to $1 million for a […]

Lessons from South Park

What can South Park teach us about the past decade?

Remembering 2000 – 2009… Through South Park

This decade has been rough, why not look back & laugh?

Bombs Away: Why TV Shows Bomb and Get Cancelled

How networks decide who lives and who dies.

“Your Life, Your Money” on WNED

Financial education for young adults has never been more important. New show highlights the problem.

Exposed: Gurbaksh Chahal

Fox’s New "Secret Millionaire "sold his company, Blue Lithium, to Yahoo for $300 million. He was 25 years old.

Daily Show, Colbert Report, and The Onion = Big Bucks

The business behind the most entertaining news around

Translation of President Bush’s $700 Billion Request

You heard the President ask for $700 billion from the taxpayers. Now, read between the lines.

THE EDGE: How to Pitch a TV Show

A college student reports on the launch party for his own television talk show.