Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

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Rumors Suggest Microsoft Planning a Social Search Site

The social networking scene has already gone through a dramatic upheaval this month, after the launch of Google+ and the introduction of free video chat on Facebook. According to Fusible, even more big news could be on the way as indications suggest Microsoft could be designing a social search site. Fusible discovered this past Wednesday […]

Spotify Challenges Pandora in the U.S.

Less than one month after personalized radio site Pandora conducted its initial public offering, the online music market has gotten a good deal more competitive. Wired reports that European music streaming site Spotify has finally made its U.S. launch, after two years of planning. Like Pandora, Spotify offers free music streaming on a variety of […]

Facebook, Microsoft and Skype Team Up to Take on Google

With Google+ dominating the headlines over the past week, some analysts managed to convince themselves that Facebook had no response to its new challenger. The social networking giant proved doomsayers wrong on Wednesday when chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg announced the introduction of a new video chat function using the popular Skype software. CNET explains […]

U.S. Approves First Flying Car

When the millennium came and went without HAL taking control, a lot of people began to wonder why the future everyone expected had yet to arrive. Some people had settled for the rise of smartphones and tablets, but now Americans will finally get what they have waited for so long. CNET reports that the U.S. […]

Google+ Showing Promise After First Week

After roughly a week in its introductory trial phase, the first serious competitor to the social networking behemoth Facebook has received generally positive reviews, and raised some interesting possibilities. Nidhi Subbaraman at MSNBC’s Technolog was one of the limited number of people invited to try Google’s new social networking site, Google+. Subbaraman went into the […]

Google+ Looks to Compete With Facebook

The great battles of the early internet era saw search engines slugging it out to serve as the gateway to the web. That conflict has largely subsided, and Google reigns supreme, though Microsoft continues to push its relatively new Bing fairly hard. Instead, the war has moved to the field of social media, where Mark […]

New Tool Helps Detect Compromised Accounts

The internet in the past few months has been full to bursting with news about hackers attacking companies, governments and individuals alike. Since the massive data breach at Sony’s PlayStation Network, hackers have launched major attacks against other gaming companies like Sega and important government databases like the British census. With so many opportunities to […]

New Camera Does Away With Focusing

The camera market has become a confusing place with the broad shift to digital and growing competition from phones. CNET reports that Lytro, a start-up hoping to break into the field, recently announced a new camera that looks to change one of the fundamental aspects photography: focusing. Lytro, founded several years ago by Stanford doctoral […]

Ford Emphasizing Tech Integration

The growth of mobile apps is hardly restricted to smartphones and tablets. As more people find more uses for mobile computing, Ford aims to give its customers access to all the same tools from their car as well, according to Bloomberg. Since recording more than $30 billion in losses between 2006 and 2008, the iconic […]

Mobile Shopping Still a Small Market

With smartphones and tablets dominating ever more of our time, it seems like they must be dominating most markets as well. As it turns out, however, a new study from Forrester Research found mobile shopping remains a tiny percentage of the retail market, according to The New York Times. The reports says that less than […]