Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Personal Finance Blog Continues its Awards Ceremony

For the second year in a row, the Plutus Awards will honor the best work in the field of personal finance blogging. From August 1 until September 21, Luke Landes, founder of the awards and the blog Consumerism Commentary, and his contemporaries and readers will nominate various blogs, products and services in their field for […]

Managers Should Consider Dropping Status Meetings

Most workers dread status meetings, whether they have to prepare a presentation or simply suffer through them. As much as many managers insist these meetings are crucial to sharing information, Avinoam Nowgrodski writes for ZDNet that this age-old custom may actually be dispensable. Nowgrodski acknowledges that sharing information is an important function in most businesses, […]

Apple and Samsung See Future in Gadgets for Solar Power

When many young Americans think about solar-powered gadgets their minds are drawn to small, cheap calculators. The solar industry has progressed a long way, however, and now two of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers are considering the use of solar cells in a broad array of electronic devices, according to DigiTimes. According to the news […]

Technology Corporation Profits a Result of Mobile Gadget Popularity

The technology company SanDisk Corporation, maker of various computer memory cards and drives experienced a significant increase in the price of its stock shares on July 22. According to Associated Press (AP), this spike in the worth of shares may be attributable to the ongoing popularity of memory storage in numerous electronic items on the […]

Apple Considers Buying Hulu

Several companies have made known their interest in the popular TV streaming service Hulu. Now another major contender enters the ring as reports indicate Apple could be interested in bidding for the company, according to Bloomberg. Apple has made a point of not spending large amounts on mergers and acquisitions, with the $400 million purchase […]

Successful Zillow IPO Provides Test Case

The tech IPOs continue, with the Zillow’s successful offering Tuesday, July 19. Reuters reports that the online real estate valuing company saw substantial interest, easily beating the company’s proposed stock price. Unlike some of the other companies to conduct an initial public offering in the past few months, Zillow is relatively small, initially expecting to […]

NYC Aims to Take the Tech Sector

New York City may be the Big Apple, but it still lags behind Silicon Valley in terms of the booming technology industry. In an attempt to change that, The New York Times reports that Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced plans to subsidize a major new science and engineering university in the city. The plan looks to […]

Biofuel an Under-Appreciated Growth Market

Internet firms like LinkedIn, Groupon and Facebook are presently the big craze in terms of initial public offerings. Many worry that this group only represents the next coming of the .com bubble, though, and some interesting prospects are coming out in other growing fields. Reuters reports that one of the biggest biofuel companies in the […]

Smaller Start-ups Slowing Job Growth

Xconomy reports that start-ups in the U.S. are hiring fewer people, substantially slowing the growth of new jobs. Many American see their country as exemplifying the entrepreneurial spirit and, while many countries certainly see the same drive from their people, start-ups have accounted for a substantial portion of America’s economy and particularly long-term jobs growth. […]

Groupon Adds Underwriters to IPO

Concerns about the Groupon initial public offering, and a potential second internet bubble, have been growing since the announcement. The scale of the IPO itself continues to grow as well, however, as Groupon announced another 11 banks have been brought on as underwriters, according to Reuters. Groupon first announced its IPO in early June with […]