Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

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Starting a company? Good luck – Venture funding drops in Q3

Startups have had a bit more to be hopeful about with the U.S. economy seeming to be on the upswing. But investors are not proving as cheerful through the first three quarters of 2012, as venture capital dropped once again in the third quarter, according to The Associated Press. The latest numbers from MoneyTree, the […]

5 Unlikely Business Successes

There are many successes strange ideas that have been quite successful financially. Here are five examples of outlandish business ventures that no sane person would ever think of trying. I mean even with the best ideas that you would agree have a fighting chance, BusinessInsurance.org would still be your first step on the plan. I […]

Picking which entity to use in a startup

Young entrepreneurs have many options they can use when forming a new business entity, with LLCs and S Corporations providing significant appeal to individuals who are just looking to start out their entrepreneurial careers. One major benefit of setting up a corporation is separating the personal and business assets of an entrepreneur, which reduces the […]

Survival tips for young entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs face intimidating odds, but there are various techniques they can utilize to save money and avoid filing for bankruptcy. There are various practices that young entrepreneurs can engage in to save money that may simply seem like common sense. These market participants should be sure to do their due diligence related to researching topics […]

Finding Buyers for Wholesale Deals

This is probably the most common question I get from beginner wholesalers. Not to worry, if you have a great wholesale deal you can get it sold quickly by following my advise. You can also always post a question on my¬†blog to get an immediate answer from me if you have any wholesaling houses questions […]

Jive Sees Success in Smaller IPO

Some of the hopeful expectations about the initial public offering market opening up in the wake of the recent Groupon IPO have been borne out to an extent with the somewhat smaller offering by Jive Software on Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal reports that Jive, a producer of social networking tools used by businesses, was […]

Dividend ETFs attracting significant inflows

Dividend Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been attracting substantial capital inflows as investor market volatility persists. The yields that are currently being generated by other market opportunities are driving investors to seek out these financial instruments, according to Risk Magazine. Pershing Securities, a New Jersey-based firm that offers structured financial instruments and and ETFs as […]

Zynga’s Mark Pincus a Critical Figure in Upcoming IPO

Of all the companies still planning to go public during the remainder of this year, online gaming company Zynga is easily the biggest name. According to Bloomberg, the company also boasts the biggest personality behind it. Zynga chief executive officer Mark Pincus, unlike the heads of many young technology companies, is an experienced veteran of […]

Disappointed Investors Turn Hopefully to Zynga

Investors and companies once again find themselves hoping that Zynga can provide a spark for the IPO market. Initial public offerings are always an uncertain investment to an extent, with companies often going public without a long-proven track record of success, sometimes looking for the funds necessary to keep the company going. The 2011 IPO […]

Money managers see good environment for buyers in 2012

The feedback gathered at the recent 2012 Reuters Investment Outlook Summit indicated that many money managers see the year as one with various opportunities, Reuters reports. Wide selloffs have left the stocks of many companies that are in a strong financial positions with low price-to-earnings ratios, according to the media outlet. Companies headquartered in the […]