Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

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YOUNG MONEY articles, books, resources, advice for college students and young entrepreneurs – starting a business, business plans, business ideas for young entrepreneurs.

Looking For Good Advice? You Need A Mentor.

Students are learning that having a mentor can pay off big in terms of personal and professional growth.

Going Up? How to Create and Deliver a Winning Elevator Pitch

The organizer of the CEO Elevator Pitch Competition offers tips on how to give a successful business plan presentation.

Free Help For Young Entrepreneurs

Learn on how to effectively become your own boss and the entrepreneurship resources that can help along the way.

Forget Beginner’s Luck

Here are six things entrepreneurs should know before starting their own business.

Five Keys To Starting a Business

Learn five crucial things the pros say young entrepreneurs really need to know about starting and staying in business.

Ask YOUNG MONEY: How can I sell my invention idea?

An expert entrepreneur offers his advice on how to sell your business ideas.

Young Entrepreneurs Give Help To New Inventors

Aspiring inventors have a new reason to be hopeful. You finally have a magazine dedicated to helping entrepreneurs sell their invention ideas.

Young Grads Turn Heads With Bikini Shop

Two young entrepreneurs used their personal experiences and education to start a swimwear company.

The Time Scam

Readers tell how scam artists tried to convince them to work for no pay. New entrepreneurs and freelancers should be careful of con men that promise big profits.

Strong Resume Key to Winning Scholarship

Learn how to write the kind of résumé that will help you stand out above other scholarship or internship applicants.