Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

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Buying a home is better than investing in gold. But how do you get started?

Wondering how to begin investing, but uncertain about how the economy is going to go, and therefore, how stocks will do? Gold and real estate are a couple of your investment options if you’re not too excited about stocks. Gold is a hedge, one investors use as backup against the dollar. If the dollar doesn’t […]

Money managers see good environment for buyers in 2012

The feedback gathered at the recent 2012 Reuters Investment Outlook Summit indicated that many money managers see the year as one with various opportunities, Reuters reports. Wide selloffs have left the stocks of many companies that are in a strong financial positions with low price-to-earnings ratios, according to the media outlet. Companies headquartered in the […]

Investors may face fewer investment options in their 401ks

While the number of options available to 401k participants has risen over the past decade, these same retirement plan users may see their options start to shrink. Data provided by consulting firm Aon Hewitt indicates that the median number of investment options available in these retirement plans has risen from 10 in 2001 to 18 […]

Hedge funds attracting significant capital from institutional investors in 2011

Hedge funds have been attracting significant capital from institutional investors in 2011, with current funding levels on track to make this the second-best year since 2004. Institutional investors have been allocating massive amounts of money to hedge funds, with $39.9 billion in net inflows and pending searches happening from the beginning of the year through […]

U.S. Investment capital shows a preference for North American equity markets in November

In November, the assets of U.S. investors have flowed into North American equity markets more than stock markets anywhere else in the world. Inflows into stocks in this region rose slightly less than 0.4 percent during the period when compared to 2010, Forbes reports. Research provided by EPFR Global and Barclays Capital indicates that these […]

Green Investing Rose in Third Quarter

Investment in green businesses and technologies is on the rise again, even as the broader market grows more cautious, according to a new report from Ernst & Young. The Los Angeles Times reports that green sector investment amounted to only $684 million in the third quarter of 2010. This year saw a major increase, however, […]

Greek Debt a Growing Concern for Money-Market Funds

The derivatives and mortgage markets drew the most attention in the aftermath of the financial crisis, but money-market funds followed close behind. Now concerns are rising again that these ubiquitous investments could be in danger, according to The Wall Street Journal. The ongoing Greek debt concerns have implications for a variety of markets, but a […]

Reasons to Reconsider Hedge Funds

The financial market has developed into a relatively complex interweaving of assets and financial tools designed around them. The broad variety of derivatives is designed to allow investors to hedge against potential losses, keeping the market running even through unexpected shocks. Hedge funds are meant to be a means of tapping into these powerful tools […]

Credit Default Swaps and Why They Aren’t Evil

Before 2008, the majority of Americans were more likely to know derivatives from calculus than from the finance industry. Since then, one of the main types of derivatives contracts, credit default swaps, have earned an unsavory reputation that The Wall Street Journal suggests hardly does them justice. Tied to the generally negative view many Americans […]

Real Estate Investor: How to Calculate your Offer

The process of calculating an offer for wholesale homes or properties to rehab is one of the most complicated parts of being a real estate investor. The ability to buy wholesale property low is one of the most critical parts to being a successful real estate investor. Having bought and sold over 250 houses I’ll give you the equation we use and walk you through the process.