Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

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Investing Basics

YOUNG MONEY articles, books, tips, advice on investing basics for college students and young investors.
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U.S. Investment capital shows a preference for North American equity markets in November

In November, the assets of U.S. investors have flowed into North American equity markets more than stock markets anywhere else in the world. Inflows into stocks in this region rose slightly less than 0.4 percent during the period when compared to 2010, Forbes reports. Research provided by EPFR Global and Barclays Capital indicates that these […]

Spain Sees Debt Downgrade from S&P

The problems in the euro zone continue to mount as Spain’s credit rating was downgraded by Standard & Poor’s on Thursday, October 13, according to The Financial Times. The country’s debt rating was dropped to AA- from AA on concerns that the country’s high unemployment and excessive debt could dampen any economic growth. The downgrade […]

Credit Default Swaps and Why They Aren’t Evil

Before 2008, the majority of Americans were more likely to know derivatives from calculus than from the finance industry. Since then, one of the main types of derivatives contracts, credit default swaps, have earned an unsavory reputation that The Wall Street Journal suggests hardly does them justice. Tied to the generally negative view many Americans […]

Commodity Investing for Beginners

The first thing to understand about investing in commodities is that it’s generally a lot more volatile than investing in stocks. The most conservative way to invest – other than just sticking your money in the bank – is low-yield, low-risk bonds like Treasury bills. Stock indexes and higher-yield bonds are riskier still, while individual […]

Invest in what you know, and reap the rewards

A good writer follows the rule of "write what you know," and a good investor should think the same way. Investing in a sector that you understand, or that you work in every day, can help you pick the right assets for your portfolio. When you understand the ins and outs of an industry, you […]

Charles Schwab Launches Twitter Account to Connect with 20-somethings

Having the most up-to-date personal finance information can help younger people set themselves up properly. Hence, microblogging websites like Twitter are growing in popularity among financial institutions. Count Charles Schwab as one of those, as the company said its SchwabMoneyWise.com site will be posting items on an account at @schwabmoneywise. Along with posting personal finance […]

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The Rule of 72 & Compound Interest

The rule of 72 and how it will make the difference between working at Walmart or flying to the Caribbean during retirement.