Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

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Amazon Takes a Hit on Speculations of Loss, But Some See Long-Term Gain

Netflix has taken the greatest heat from the media recently for its repeated missteps, but it is not the only online service provider to suffer some abuse on the market. Bloomberg notes that Amazon fell more than 13 percent on the news that its investments into the Kindle Fire could lead the company to a […]

Netflix Undervalued After Recent Losses

Netflix has suffered a major loss to its stock prices in recent days with the announcement that it lost hundreds of thousands of customers last quarter, but ZDNet's David Hamilton suggests that Wall Street has actually underestimated the struggling company. Netflix's first major losses came with a bungled attempt to increase prices, but the biggest […]

Markets Jump After European Leaders Introduce Deal

Despite concerns that a deal would be forestalled by the absence of European finance ministers, the region's heads of state managed to negotiate the basis of an agreement that could begin to resolve the Greek debt crisis, according to Reuters. The deal would see private banks in the euro zone voluntarily accepting a 50 percent […]

U.S. Economy Sees Boost in Q3

The U.S. economy received some much needed good news on Thursday when the Department of Commerce released the nation's most recent data on the country's gross domestic product, according to CNN Money. Based on that broad measure, the country's economy grew at an annualized rate of 2.5 percent in the third quarter of the year, […]

Ford Falls As Japan Dominates Reliability Rankings

After a promising start to the year, the American automobile industry has taken another blow. The Detroit Free Press reports that American automakers fell sharply in the rankings of automaker reliability produced by the popular Consumer Reports magazine. Consumer Reports reliability reports incorporates survey data from 1.3 million subscribers to the magazine and its website. […]

Jobs Saw Android as “Stolen Product”

The conflict between Apple and Google over their respective smartphones has been illuminated somewhat by the recent biography of Steve Jobs, the late co-founder and CEO of Apple. MarketWatch reports that one section of Walter Isaacson's new biography, Steve Jobs, cited a meeting between Jobs and then Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Many assumed at the […]

Netflix Hit Hard After Quarterly Report

Troubled online DVD rental site Netflix continued its ongoing struggles with a massive stock drop in response to its latest quarterly statement, according to Bloomberg. On Monday, October 24, Netflix's stock ended the day at nearly $120 per share, around where it has lingered since the big price drop in September that followed it announcing […]

Google Interested in Supporting a Bid For Yahoo

Internet search giant Google has considered helping to finance the purchase of longtime rival Yahoo, according to Bloomberg. The talk is in the nascent stages with no serious discussions between the relevant parties, but sources told Bloomberg that the company has considered helping another company or group purchase the search and news site to try […]

Oracle Pushing Growth Through Acquisitions

Oracle, one of the country's largest technology companies, announced on Monday that it has purchased the customer relationship management service firm RightNow. The company will be purchased for nearly $1.5 billion at $43 per share, more than 20 percent above the stock's prior monthly average. InformationWeek notes that the purchase is interesting because RightNow offers […]

European Leaders Find No Resolution, But Hope Remains

Despite early optimism, European leaders failed to come to an agreement over the weekend on an approach to the growing debt crisis in the region, according to The Wall Street Journal. A draft proposal for the expansion of the European Financial Stabilization Facility was presented last Thursday, October 20, leading some to believe that there […]