Thursday, July 27th, 2017

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Young investors can access hedge fund strategies using ETFs

Various exchange traded funds (ETFs) offer investors the opportunity to gain exposure to hedge funds, and ETF providers are submitting proposals to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in an attempt to obtain approval for similar funds.  The first ETF to offer investors with exposure to hedge funds recently celebrated its third anniversary, according to […]

Overcoming the investment challenges created by bear markets

Diversification is an important tool in lowering the volatility of an investor's portfolio, but achieving this becomes more difficult in a bear market where the pessimism of market participants motivates them to sell off various assets, pushing them down at the same time. The depreciation experienced across many asset classes during the most recent recession […]

Young investors planning for retirement should buy and hold

Investors who are just starting out with their retirement planning efforts should seriously consider utilizing buy and hold strategies. This will help prevent them from not saving enough to retire comfortably. Data that was recently compiled by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) indicates that only 0.2 percent of individuals who are saving for their […]

Why ETFs are gaining in popularity

Exchange trade funds (ETFs) have been growing in popularity for various reasons, and young investors should definitely be aware of the benefits provided by these financial instruments. ETFs are financial instruments that invest into a bundle of assets and trade like stocks. One major benefit that they provide investors is exposure to assets and risk […]

Young investors should consider Roth IRAs for retirement planning

Young investors planning for their retirements should consider Roth investment retirement accounts (IRAs) when determining how they will accumulate funds for the time they want to stop working. People who are just starting to put money away for their retirement may want to gather the info they need on Roth IRAs as well as traditional […]

Finding Buyers for Wholesale Deals

This is probably the most common question I get from beginner wholesalers. Not to worry, if you have a great wholesale deal you can get it sold quickly by following my advise. You can also always post a question on my blog to get an immediate answer from me if you have any wholesaling houses questions […]

Jive Sees Success in Smaller IPO

Some of the hopeful expectations about the initial public offering market opening up in the wake of the recent Groupon IPO have been borne out to an extent with the somewhat smaller offering by Jive Software on Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal reports that Jive, a producer of social networking tools used by businesses, was […]

Dividend ETFs attracting significant inflows

Dividend Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been attracting substantial capital inflows as investor market volatility persists. The yields that are currently being generated by other market opportunities are driving investors to seek out these financial instruments, according to Risk Magazine. Pershing Securities, a New Jersey-based firm that offers structured financial instruments and and ETFs as […]

Zynga’s Mark Pincus a Critical Figure in Upcoming IPO

Of all the companies still planning to go public during the remainder of this year, online gaming company Zynga is easily the biggest name. According to Bloomberg, the company also boasts the biggest personality behind it. Zynga chief executive officer Mark Pincus, unlike the heads of many young technology companies, is an experienced veteran of […]

Americans believe that $150,000 a year would make them rich, Gallup poll says

A recent Gallup poll conducted between November 28 and December 1 revealed that the average amount of money that an American household would need to make in order to consider itself rich is $150,000. The poll asked people the following question: “just thinking about your own situation, how much money per year would you need […]