Monday, October 23rd, 2017

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Young Investors

YOUNG MONEY resources on investing young for college students and young investors – stock market investing articles and fantasy stock market game help the young investor learn investing skills.
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Why Solar Power Is Worth the Initial Investment

  Are you buying your first house, or are you already an owner looking for ways to make improvements? Any improvements you do make will increase the value of the house. One option that’s on the table is solar power. But there’s an up-front cost at stake. From guest contributor, Nico Morgan, here’s why that […]

Cost of Waiting: Why Gen Y Needs to Start Saving for Retirement Now

According to a recent survey released by TD Ameritrade, more than half of the Gen Y respondents said that they plan to retire on schedule. Yet, 48 percent are no longer saving, 33 percent have stopped saving for retirement and 27 percent are piling on credit card debt.

As individuals, we may not be able to control the economy at large, but we can impact our own financial futures by adopting smarter spending and saving habits—habits that can help us handle life’s big events, as well as our eventual retirement (however we define it).

Invest in what you know, and reap the rewards

A good writer follows the rule of "write what you know," and a good investor should think the same way. Investing in a sector that you understand, or that you work in every day, can help you pick the right assets for your portfolio. When you understand the ins and outs of an industry, you […]

Ethical Investments: Held to a Higher Standard

Finally, business schools are being held to a higher standard in how they educate students on ethical decision-making skills.

Will Your Children Inherit the Wealth Ethic or the Work Ethic?

Help your children and grandchildren learn financial values so they’ll become responsible adults.

Young Wall Street Traders Fight for Charity in the Ring

Want to see Wall Street traders beating the crap out of each other?

Student Investors Learn from Real-Life Trading

A young investor explains how he wound up helping manage a $3 million portfolio.

Who Wants to be a Venture Capitalist?

A group of college students is learning how to make a profit by investing in promising early-stage companies.

Wanted: The Next Generation of Investors

A new mutual fund uses fashion and lifestyle trends to attract young investors.

Wall Street’s Bad Boy

Critics call him lucky while fans say he’s an inspiration to others. Regardless of whom you choose to believe, Timothy Sykes has become Wall Street’s most talked-about young investor.