Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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YOUNG MONEY articles, books, lifestyle features for college students and young adults – and advice from motivational speaker Michael Chatman.

Are You Choosing Between Your Job and Your Dreams?

I hear way too many of my clients berating themselves about the career they’ve chosen. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re making six figures or that they’re making a huge contribution to someone’s life. All they feel is crappy about it, all the time. It may sound a little odd at first. Their jobs […]

Meditation For The Real World

Meditation. When you hear the word you automatically envision a calm yogi in a seated position looking extremely peaceful. You are thinking there’s no way that could be me. After all, he doesn’t have to deal with long commutes, deadlines, and other modern day life responsibilities. You are absolutely right; his way of meditating is […]

What Matters More Than the Letters After Your Name

I met with a new client this week. Though she was new to me, her story was a familiar one that I had heard from many clients. She came to me regarding a lack of confidence in the workplace. She wanted to be more assertive and play a bigger role, but was crippled by feelings […]

Picking a Health Insurance Plan? Here’s Some Advice

There has been seemingly endless political wrangling in Washington D.C. over the proper way to rein in surging health care costs. This March, lawmakers celebrated the one-year anniversary of the historic passing of President Obama's health care overhaul law. Among other stipulations, the legislation ensures all children in the U.S. will be covered and that […]

Stressed? Let it All Out

It’s been a rough week, possibly even a rough month. Some clients claim it’s been a rough few years! I’m not about to debate what constitutes rough, but I will say there are a whole bunch of people out there under a whole lot of stress. Some days there is no way around it, but […]

Dad’s Advice May Not Be That Far Fetched

Really, what does dad know anyway? As it turns out, quite a bit, according to a recent release from the Federal Trade Commission. In honor of Father’s Day, the regulator highlighted how some traditional pieces of fatherly advice may actually help younger people deal with their security and personal finance goals. Take, for example, that […]

Have a Hunch?

Hunch.com wants to know. They also want to help you figure out your next decision. Looking for a dog? Maybe something more serious like choosing a stock to buy. Hunch.com is trying to map the preferences of internet traffic. I found that the dog for me is a Besenji -the “bark-less” dog. Right now I […]

Can You Negotiate the Price of Your Apartment Rental?

More often than not, you’re in a rush when you’re looking for the perfect apartment. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to find that perfect apartment that is within your means of affording. So when you find something that is perfect and is within or almost within your budget, you want to snatch […]

Facebook is World’s Third Largest Country

Its official: Facebook is the world’s third largest country.  Recently, Facebook announced that it has reached the 500 million registered user mark. 500 MILLION! In the world of membership organizations that’s a knee rattling, earth shaking, just staggering amount of people. It is now roughly equal to the largest mobile phone carrier in the world, […]

Has Pop Gone Flat? Some Experts Are Comparing the Sweet Stuff to Tobacco

States proposing taxes on soda