Thursday, August 17th, 2017

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YOUNG MONEY shopping articles, books, tips, advice for college students on discount long distance, prepaid phone cards, computer deals, holiday gifts, refund/return policies, service contracts.

New Websites Let Consumers Re-Sell Unwanted Internet Coupons

At DealsGoRound.com, Lifesta.com and other similar sites, those purchasing coupons from the various websites offering discounts on local products and services can put them back on the market, according to Associated Press (AP). Although these websites are not officially authorized by internet-coupon sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, they have not yet experienced any conflicts with […]

Android phones prone to hardware problems

Android versus iPhone pretty well exemplifies the pros and cons of controlled versus free markets. One of the largest pitfalls for Google’s open system, a new study from wireless service company WDS found, is that Android phones suffer from dramatically more hardware faults. The study used data collected from WDS’ own support services, including more […]

Mobile Shopping Still a Small Market

With smartphones and tablets dominating ever more of our time, it seems like they must be dominating most markets as well. As it turns out, however, a new study from Forrester Research found mobile shopping remains a tiny percentage of the retail market, according to The New York Times. The reports says that less than […]

How to Get Free Shipping

Buying things online can get expensive, especially when you realize at the end of the check-out process there is an outrageous shipping cost! Figure out how to save on shipping with these helpful tips.

A ‘How To’ Manual On Buying Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance isn’t as popular an insurance option as some other kinds, including health and homeowner’s. Perhaps because renters often feel like transients, they’re a little unwilling to fork over the money to insure their possessions in a place they don’t own. Nonetheless, it’s not a bad idea to think about purchasing some form of […]

Have No Fear: Homeowner’s Insurance Help is Here

Navigating through the complex world of insurance companies can seem like a daunting task – often, because it is. There are scores of different types of insurance consumers can buy to protect themselves and their families from unfortunate events, but it can be difficult to tell what type of insurance you need when you're dealing […]

Use the Internet to Save Money

The internet isn’t just a great way to shop without leaving your home, it’s also a great way to save money without the tedious, old-fashioned task of clipping coupons. With a little smart shopping and a few extra resources, internet deals can save your budget and even give you a little extra room to “splurge” […]

Are You Really Getting the Best Deal? 5 Things to Consider When Comparison Shopping

One of the wonderful things about the internet is that it allows consumers to shop conveniently from home while comparing products side by side. The problem is, when looking for the best deal we often make the mistake of focusing on the price of an item. There is more to getting the best deal than […]

Why “Free” Cellphones Aren’t Actually Free

The iPhone 4, the latest and hottest gadget to hit the markets, carries an astonishingly low up-front price tag. On AT&T’s website or in its stores, bright orange letters blare out the bargain – only $199 for the pinnacle of Steve Jobs’ engineering and design. But as with all things, there’s no free lunch – […]

Holiday Shopping: Coupon Apps & Comparison Apps

Use these iPhone apps to save money!