Friday, November 24th, 2017

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Tech Trends

YOUNG MONEY features on technology and campus life – how college students benefit from new campus tech trends, and how technology marketers ar targeting the student market.

Smartphone market sees Nokia slip

Apple is mushrooming. The Cupertino, California-based company is making significant headway in the burgeoning smartphone market, according to a press release from IDC Insights. Previously held by Nokia, the dominant position in the market is progressively slipping yet the industry will continue growing rapidly. “Conditions in the smartphone market are creating a perfect storm for […]

Apple Files Patent for Fitness App

As Apple’s dominance in the app world is threatened by Google’s Android, the technology giant is working to keep its competitive edge. Recently, the company filed a patent for a Fitness Center App with social media components, Mashable reports. The United States Patent Trademark Office published Apple’s patent on Thursday, and since then industry watchers […]

Amazon Unveils Cheaper, Ad-Supported Kindle for $114

The dawn of the e-reader is upon us. Literary purists have long feared technology would infiltrate the medium and their fears have proven prescient: Amazon’s Kindle led the pack of e-readers and the devices have become increasingly popular over the past year. This week, Amazon announced it will sell a discounted Kindle that is supported […]

Gartner: Google’s Android to Dominate Smartphone Market by 2012

As Google expands its reach beyond its core search engine and advertising businesses, the technology giant has had its share of successes and failures. One area where the company has found great success, however, is in the increasingly lucrative smartphone market. Google’s Android software is currently the most popular platform among smartphone users and according […]

Why “Free” Cellphones Aren’t Actually Free

The iPhone 4, the latest and hottest gadget to hit the markets, carries an astonishingly low up-front price tag. On AT&T’s website or in its stores, bright orange letters blare out the bargain – only $199 for the pinnacle of Steve Jobs’ engineering and design. But as with all things, there’s no free lunch – […]

The Changing Face of Journalism

Interview with City Paper founder Russ Smith

Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting

Podcasting makes it easy to create your own broadcast show for the world to see and hear. Our resident tech expert tells you how to get started.

Blu-ray, HD-DVD will vie to push current DVDs out the door

Just as DVDs replaced VHS tapes, two new formats capable of displaying high-definition video will soon begin the drive to consign DVDs to bargain bins and yard sales.

Students Consult Internet for Ills

Many university health centers are turning to online services to better serve college students’ needs.

Phone Messaging: Latest Wireless Trend Growing In Popularity

Wireless text messaging is expected to become as immensely popular among American teenagers and young adults as it is already in Europe and Asia.