Thursday, April 13th, 2017

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Student Travel Tips

YOUNG MONEY articles, books, tips and advice on affordable travel for college students and young adults – bargain airfares, cheap summer vacations, travel discount cards and more….

US Students Studying Chinese to Adapt to a Changing Economy

With a slow recovery from the recession and double digit unemployment continuing in many parts of the United States, more and more college students are beginning to wonder when the economic climate will turn in their favor. For most, the chances of securing a high-paying job right out of college have all but disappeared. This […]

Have Visa, Will Travel

What three things will you need to work abroad?

Study Abroad Programs

An experience you won’t regret!

How to Deal with Theft While Traveling Abroad

One girl’s experience getting robbed and four easy steps to deal with it.

How Worldly Are You?

Travel the world with these tips from a globetrotting student traveler.

Top 7 Safety Travel Tips. What are they?

Stolen passport? How to avoid it.

Tips on Traveling for a Gap Year

Students take off to travel, right after high school or right after college, before they start the next big chapter of their lives.

Experiencing Europe on the Cheap

Tips to get across Europe on even the smallest budget.

Stretch Your Dollar: Save Money While Traveling

Tips on traveling the globe without breaking the bank.

Surviving a Storm

Visiting Tulane this fall? Read this quick guide to traveling during hurricane season.