Monday, November 20th, 2017

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New Car Buying

Tips on new car buying for college students, graduates and young adults – researching new cars, finding deals, financing.

How to Drive Like a Spy Without Breaking the Bank

This post is from guest author Benjamin Steele. Find him on Twitter @BennyJamminS. If owning a luxury car is a life goal of yours, affording it may seem a long way off, given your current salary. Even looking ahead with a five-year plan, after a few raises, giving you time to get settled into your […]

Thinking About Buying a Car? Here’s Some Help For Determining Your Insurance Rate

During the depths of the recession, the automobile industry suffered mightily as consumers pulled back their spending and cut back on big-ticket purchases. However, as the economic recovery has taken hold, auto sales have surged. In fact, in January of this year Chevrolet, Ford, GM and Honda all posted sales gains in the double digits […]

Porsche Unveils 918 – $845,000 Luxury Hybrid Sports Car

If you’re deciding if and when to replace your car, consider this: Luxury carmaker Porsche has begun taking orders for its 918 hybrid supercar. The beautiful sports car can be yours – if you’re willing to fork over $845,000. Following the car’s unveiling at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Porsche has sought to cash in […]

Seven New Car Negotiation Tips You Need to Know

The economy isn’t the best of shape and people are losing their jobs, so now’s the time to put off that new car purchase, right? Well, not necessarily. While it may seem silly to part with your little hard-earned cash right now, economic downturns mean that now is one of the best times in years […]

Drive Free Cars (video)

I love this video from Dave Ramsey. It has a couple of holes in it, like the percentage return on investment in the stock market. But over all, I highly recommend you watch this video. Video is below.