Monday, October 23rd, 2017

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Consumer Fraud

YOUNG MONEY articles, books, tips, advice for college students on email scams, identity theft, privacy and protecting personal information, telemarketing travel fraud and more….

New Tool Helps Detect Compromised Accounts

The internet in the past few months has been full to bursting with news about hackers attacking companies, governments and individuals alike. Since the massive data breach at Sony’s PlayStation Network, hackers have launched major attacks against other gaming companies like Sega and important government databases like the British census. With so many opportunities to […]

Fighting Back Against Identity Theft

Learn more about the most common forms of ID theft and how to protect yourself.

The 12 Ways Your Identity could be Stolen this Holiday Season

Learn how acting like the Grinch will protect you from identity thieves.

Five Types of Identity Theft

There are several kinds of identity theft even more severe then credit card theft.

Modeling Beauties: Watch Out for Ugly Scams

Modeling jobs aren’t always what they appear to be. Learn how to spot a potential scam.

Web Search: Is your number up?

A new Web site offers to help you find out if your Social Security or credit-card number has been stolen and is being used online. There’s only one catch.

Keep at it to get company to honor warranty of gym

Learn how to get a manufacturer to honor its product warranty.

Protect Yourself from Internet Fraud

Thieves are using Internet access to commit credit card fraud and run up your long distance phone bill.

Dirty Dozen: 12 Email Scams To Watch For

A list of common email scams and how to avoid them. Popular scams include business opportunities, bulk emails, chain letters and credit repair offers.

Privacy: Tips for Protecting Your Personal Information

Learn how to protect your personal information from identity thieves. Identity theft can target your credit card account, credit report and Social Security number.