Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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Chrome and Safari Extension Makes Managing Email Fun

An extension called 0Boxer can make cleaning up email more rewarding.Google's popular Gmail service calls itself "intuitive, efficient and useful – and maybe even fun." But trying to organize a messy Gmail inbox can seem like a huge hassle.

That's where 0Boxer comes in. It's an extension for the Chrome and Safari web browsers that turns paring inbox clutter into a game.

The concept behind 0Boxer is simple. Users link 0Boxer to their Google Account and install the extension; as they archive, reply to or delete messages, they receive points that show up on 0Boxer's online leaderboard. After acquiring a certain number of points, users can win badges.

Do the badges mean anything? No, not really – but 0Boxer is more about motivation and pride of accomplishment than winning. Besides, having a clean, tidy inbox can be reward enough.

For web users who like 0Boxer, there are other accomplishment widgets available. As tech site GigaOM notes, Chore Wars is available for people who need a little kick in the pants to get things done; Chore Wars provides points for completing chores. And there's EpicWin, which grants points to people who check items off their to-do list.

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