Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

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Summer Dieting and Personal Finance Efforts Can Go Together

Watching a waistline can be joined with keeping tabs on personal finances.As the summer rolls around, many people may want to head to the beach as temperatures rise.

However, some people may be a bit shy about donning a bathing suit, which will prompt them to try to lose a little weight before they head to the shore. Recently, Informa Research Services noted that trying to trim down a waistline can also be partnered with cutting back on expenses.

One suggestion offered by the information company is for people to set goals in both their weight loss and personal finance efforts.

"Knowing there is a finish line in sight can help get you through tough times," Informa research said "Create a budget for both your dollars and your calories to achieve your goal, and commit to it."

Other options for slimming down budgets and figures include:

-Incorporating physical fitness and personal finance activities into a person’s daily schedule
-Shopping locally at farmers markets, which can provide savings and healthier eating options
-Eating at home rather than going out, which is less expensive and may provide more nutritious options

Car pooling may be another avenue that can afford some savings, while consumers could also consider reducing their entertainment-related expenses.ADNFCR-3389-ID-19832837-ADNFCR

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One Response to Summer Dieting and Personal Finance Efforts Can Go Together

  1. Chris Hooper says:

    Hah! Funny article. I’ve found that it actually costs more money to eat junk food. The same applies to alcohol, tobacco and other vices. So, essentially you’re paying to ruin your health. A healthy lifestyle will cost you less than a hedonistic one. As such, dieting and saving should go hand in hand.

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