Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

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Bombs Away: Why TV Shows Bomb and Get Cancelled


In this day and ages, most of you receive hundreds of television channels giving you a decent chance of actually finding something you like to watch on TV. That means more competition for each show. This year alone, 85 series have either been cancelled or are ending.

According to AssociatedContent.com there are at least thirteen different factors that are taken into consideration by the network to decide if the TVshow is a no-go. Most times if a show meets just one, if not all the factors, it unfortunately is pronounced….. dead.

Before pulling the plug on the almost pronounced dead television show, networks divide thirteen factors into eight different categories to help them make the ultimate decision: DOA (problems with pre-production, script and cast changes), Corpse ( lack in buzz, postponing the return date and no lead-in), Incision( hiatus and schedule changes), Diagnosis (no additional episodes or early renewals), Dissection ( cut back on episodes orders), Burial ( pulled from schedule early into the season) and Casket (pulled from effective schedule, leading to low ratings.)

Every new season has a handful of television shows that will crash and burn while others sail along, luckily escaping death. 

Top 3 new shows that might succeed:
1. Glee (Fox)-
2. The Good Wife ( CBS)
3. Flash Forward (ABC)

Top 5 new shows that might fail:
1. Past Life (Fox)
2. Melrose Place (CW)
3. Mercy (NBC)
4. Accidentally on Purpose (CBS)
5. Hank (ABC)

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One Response to Bombs Away: Why TV Shows Bomb and Get Cancelled

  1. Bobby says:

    I’d add “Community” to the Might Succeed list. Great time-slot, good writing and cast.

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