Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Collector Won’t Accept My Money

Dear Melissa,

I am 21 years old. I had a checking account with a local bank. I had an overdraft protection amount of $400. This was my first checking account and I didn’t know that there was an overdraft protection. They bank paid my overdrafts in the amount of $400. I never heard anything from the bank so I thought I had the money in my account.

Anyway, I closed my account out. Then, a few weeks later I received a letter from TransWorld Systems. This is a collection agency. I told them that I would pay $50 a month, because that was all I could pay. I told them that I didn’t have a job. They told me to go borrow the money and that I had to pay them $168 right now and to pay the rest off within two months. They said they wouldn’t accept my $50 a month and that if I sent it they would send it back. I told them that I was willing to pay this debt but I only had so much money.

If I send them $50 and they accept it, do they have to accept it the rest of the time?

Thanks for your answer,
Terry L.

Dear Terry,

They will accept your money! The collection agency may inform you that it is not an “acceptable payment arrangement,” but they will cash your check and credit your account.

I would not let them bully you into paying something that you cannot afford. The debt is not a huge amount and if you pay $50 a month, you will be paid off in less than a year.

They will probably not sue you, because it is not worth it. First of all, you are paying the money every month; they want to sue people who are not paying. And second, the account is less than $1,000. Most collection agencies will not sue for less than this.

Continue making your payments every month and request that they only contact you by mail.

Legally, they must abide, and then you will not have to deal with the phone calls.

Melissa Douros Dovco Collection Solutions, Inc.

As the owner of Dovco Collection Solutions, Inc., Melissa Douros uses her eight years of being a collections specialists to offer advice and answer questions pertaining to debt collection. With running her own successful collection agency, she seeks to keep debt collectors accountable for their actions and in line with the law.

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