Monday, October 23rd, 2017

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Facecard: New Prepaid Debit Card

Read more about the differences between credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid debit cards.

"Recently I went to Cape Cod with a friend and tried out my new facecard. Using it was simple and easy I didn’t have any problems. My parents could add money to it whenever I needed them to without having to remember any account usernames or passwords.

Since we were staying in a small town I was worried that I might not be able to use it everywhere, but I was definitely wrong. I used it to rent a bike, get breakfast, and many other things without problems. I took it to an ATM and got cash and checked my balance without any trouble. The facecard made the whole trip a lot easier.”

Jack Spiva, University School of Nashville

A facecard is a prepaid reloadable MasterCard that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Facecard differs from a credit or a debit card because you can gift money to friends and family with ease, electronically send allowances or emergency funds, and withdraw money from ATMs worldwide. Facecard is safer than cash since you will not be liable for unauthorized transactions if your facecard is lost or stolen and if you follow the instructions for reporting a missing card outlined in your member agreement.

Find new Prepaid Cards and Debit Cards that Meet Your Needs

• Give money. Friends or family can send facecard members money from a bank account, credit card or facecard. Kids can pay back their friends by sending money to their facecards.

• Worldwide Access. Facecard is not limited to specific stores or locations. You can use your card anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted, including online.

• Manage it from Anywhere. Check your balance, load funds, and set your preferences online.|

• Get Cash. Withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide using your facecard.

• No Debt. Because facecard is a debit card (and not a credit card), you can’t go into debt (because you can’t spend what you don’t have). If you have insufficient funds for a purchase, your facecard will be declined. However, it is possible to overdraft your facecard when using open-ended transactions (for example, car rentals, or anything where the total is unknown).

• Fiscal Responsibility. Facecard allows parents to teach young adults about money management while protecting them from financial danger. Parents can monitor spending habits, meaning there are no more surprises when the statement arrives. Parents are able to empower and assist their children with spending rather than simply control.

 Free Money. Members receive incentives (Prewards™, edÅ?Cash™) deposited directly onto their card. All members have to do is accept the offer—no points to accumulate, no coupons to clip, no hoops to jump through—just free money for using the card.

Fees & Services

Facecard offers a completely free mechanism for enrolling in the card and loading funds. Activating the card is free, and loading funds directly from a bank account, either as a one time transaction or a recurring fund transfer, are also free. Loads to a facecard completed through the ACH network are at no charge. Funds sent from your facecard to another facecard are free.

Facecard does offer additional services which have the following fees:
Fees Per Card Amount
Activation  FREE
Monthly Membership FREE
Loading funds from a bank account (via ACH) FREE
Facecard to facecard funds sharing FREE
ATM Fee $1.50
International Purchases  $.50
Removal of funds from facecard  $9.95
Printed and Mailed Statement $1.95
Lost / Replacement Cards $9.95
Negative Balance Fee – per Incident $9.95
Chargeback Processing $25.00
Inactive Account Fee  $4.95

Check out facecard.com for more information.

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16 Responses to Facecard: New Prepaid Debit Card

  1. Randy San Nicolas says:

    Prepaid debit cards are typically mistaken as a competing product for traditional checking accounts or credit cards. The truth is they fill a void for consumers in under the mainstream banking radar.

    Randy San Nicolas

  2. nicole says:


  3. Fry says:

    NOT a good thing! the website NOR the automated phone system offer a Cancel your card option, so you must PUT UP with a REP trying to talk you into keeping the card,also the $4.95 inactive account fee is total BS!!!!!

  4. me says:


  5. kmonize says:

    its a fake they took my money never again will i got to them ima have to kal and report them

  6. grenhornet says:

    I actually had no problem getting someone on the phone (at facecard). I think my hold time was a couple of minutes but I talked to a nice lady (Jamie I think) and two days later I sent an email that got responded to. WHENEVER PEOPLE COMPLAIN IN CAPS IT IS USUALLY A SIGN THEY ARE NOT GIVING YOU THE FULL STORY.

  7. Oxilary says:

    Caps or no caps…i had a client pay me 600$ on my Facecard so taht i wouldn’t have to wait the next day for him to run to hte bank so i could pay a programmer under me. Well that was 2 days ago and the deposit is still pending on both sides. Ive emailed them 4 times and card member services can’t do squat. Bot h me and the guy working with me are rather pissed. errrrr I found a local 615 number for them but it is disconnected…not really feeling good bout this shouldve waited the 12 hours

  8. cindy says:

    Facecard has the poorest customer service I have ever seen!! I loaded the card from by bankcard and they charged it and then told me no record was found. I know have to do a dispute that could take 45 days to return my money!!!The customer service people are stupid, ignorant, and rude!!! Save yourself a lot of heartache! DONT GET THE FACECARD!!!! AND THIS IS THE FULL STORY!!!!

  9. carolyn says:

    Customer service is horrible. Ordered card 2 months ago, still have gotten it. called several times. lots of hold time. called a before 5 pm told that I need during regular business hours between 9-5! This place is horrible!

  10. wondering says:

    carolyn…did u call before 5 pm central time?

  11. michellemorin says:

    activate my facecard

  12. mary says:

    I have used the facecard for my daughter in college for the past 6 months and find it a convenient way to send her money while making sure she doesn’t max out credit cards. I have only had to contact customer service once and they were very helpful. I would recommend facecard to parents wanting to control their children’s spending.

  13. ldoggg01 says:

    Well all I can say is I have had this card several months now and both times I tried to use it, I have had issues. The first time was when I transferred funds online and the website said the transaction failed but my credit card company told me it was approved. Face card could not figure it out and after 3 phone calls, they agreed to do a 3 way so my credit card company would release the funds instead of me having to wait 10 business days for the temp auth to fall off. Now, perhpas I am a glutton for punishment but recently (May 23rd) I decided to try to load a small amount onto the car to see if it finally worked and at first it appeared it did, the money showed online with a statement saying it would take 30 mins to post if prior to 9pm central time. Well I decided, since it was 825 central time to load the larger amount of 300.00, so I waited 1 hour 2 hours 3 , 4 called noone sees the money on there, I was told to wait untill today and I did, still no funds have posted to my account and its stuck in pending status, the only ones that can help is EDo technologies so no $$ for memorial weekend and and who knows how long it will be after I reach them Tuesday. Serves me right for trying to save on the cash advnce fee on my credit card

  14. ldoggg01 says:

    Mary- You must be one of the lucky one’s, some of us do not fair so well

  15. John says:

    I havew been trying to load money onto the card for over a month. I did the bank verified and it shows it on the website but when I load it it tells me the bank is not valids or verified. It also declines my credit card transfer. I have sent an email several time and still no reponse. Ready to look for a different company. great concept but should not be this difficult

  16. jose says:


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