Thursday, May 26th, 2016

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Financial Firm Offers Personal Finance Instruction for Consumers

Financial Firm Offers Personal Finance Instruction for ConsumersOn July 25, financial firm Ally Financial Inc. announced the beginning of Ally Wallet Wise, a new initiative to offer consumer clients instruction in the sometimes-complicated fields of personal finance. The program will involve in-person financial counseling sessions and online instructional courses.

To further this program, Ally Financial has allied itself with various community organizations throughout the United States. Individuals interested in the program can contact these groups to take part in presentations that are meant to promote understanding of financial topics in an interactive, enjoyable atmosphere.

Gina Proia, chief communications officer of Ally Financial, said, "With Ally Wallet Wise, we hope to provide consumers with basic financial knowledge so they can make educated decisions when creating a budget and saving for their future."

Aspects of personal finance including credit, budgeting, banking and investing may prove daunting for individuals who attempt such endeavors when lacking a certain level of understanding. Ideally, programs such as this one offered by Ally Financial will ease the struggles that sour some consumers' perception of financial matters.

Federal government initiatives such as those being implemented by the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau may be able to offer U.S. consumers with counseling and aid regarding the various potential pitfalls of personal finance.

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