Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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Flat Broke? Find Help for Rent, Food, Heat & More

What do you do when you max out your unemployment? Is there anything worse than not knowing where your next meal is going to come from? We don’t think so; this is why we’ve put together a list of places that you can find help when you really need it.

$1000 Grants

Modest Needs is a fantastic charity. They help low-income workers from falling into poverty and/or homelessness. If you can’t pay your rent or your heating bill you can apply for a Modest Needs grant (a grant means you don’t have to pay it back) that can help you get through a rough patch.
If you want to help a family in trouble it is easy to donate to Modest Needs; you can help families receive the emergency money they need.

*Clarification: Modest Needs can only assist people who are employed.

Rent or Mortgage

The site NeedHelpPayingBills.com offers loads of information on state, federal and private organizations and charities that can help you pay your rent or your mortgage. The site also has links for help paying heat, electric or water bills.

Most state’s have rental assistance programs. Call your state’s Department of Social Services or Department of Human Resources and ask them. Or, dial 211. You can visit 211.org, enter your zip code, and download a booklet of all the places in your area that can provide help.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) can provide help for homeowners and for renters.

USDA Rural Development Program can help people in rural areas with their mortgage or rent.


The Federal Food Stamp program is now called SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. This program provides monthly funds so you can buy food.

Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) provides Federal grants to States for supplemental foods, health care referrals, and nutrition education for low-income pregnant, breastfeeding, and non-breastfeeding postpartum women, and to infants and children up to age five who are found to be at nutritional risk.

Family Investment Program (FIP) provides cash payments and Medicaid health care coverage to families with dependant children and limited income and resources. The amount of your monthly cash payment is determined by the number of members in your family and your current income and resources. Do a search for “Family Investment Program” and the name of your state.

Emergency Assistance to Families with Children (EAFC) is a program in most states. Family with dependent children under the age of 21 facing an immediate crisis including, but not limited to, eviction notices, mortgage foreclosures, gas and electric turn-off notices and delinquent water bills. Do a search for ” Emergency Assistance to Families with Children” and the name of your state.

SHARE (Self Help and Resource Exchange) is a great program that lets you trade volunteer work for less expensive groceries. Search for food co-ops in your area.

Soup Kitchens can provide a hot meal.

Food Pantries provide emergency food packages.
Feeding America is a terrific program. If you need help, Feeding America will help you. It just released a new study Hunger America 2010. Here are some key findings from their study:
• The 37 million Americans served annually by Feeding America include nearly 14 million children and nearly 3 million seniors.
• Each week, approximately 5.7 million people receive emergency food assistance from an agency served by a Feeding America member. This is a 27 percent increase over numbers reported in Hunger in America 2006, which reported that 4.5 million people were served each week.
• These numbers are based on surveys conducted at emergency feeding centers, such as soup kitchens and food pantries, but do not factor in many individuals also served at non-emergency locations, such as Kids Cafe programs and senior centers.
You can donate to Feeding America to help feed people in our country.

Can’t pay your heating bill?

Call you heating company and ask what help they offer. Most have services or organizations that they can refer you to

Each state has its own chapter of HEAP, the federally funded Home Energy Assistance Program.

Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program helps people in certain states; visit their website to see if your state is one of them.

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90 Responses to Flat Broke? Find Help for Rent, Food, Heat & More

  1. Amanda goodman says:

    Thanks for the help!

  2. Cynthia says:

    For rental assistance you should check out http://www. rentassistance. us

    There are over 700 agencies that help people pay rent.

  3. Steve May says:

    Hi, I am in a jam. First I was evicted, then the following week I was fired. I have put my things in store not with me age. I am now flat broke and homeless. I am really scared and hurt because I have no one to call for help as my family has deceased. I am divorced, not by choice and have 4 children. They are not with me at the moment although they are very concerned as I have always been there for them. Thank you

  4. Carrieburch says:

    Please I need this paid now . 600.00 So I can get caught up . I am in between job. So tell me the agenices that will help.

  5. Pamela Blackshire says:

    I have all ways payed my own way but I got into a jam i payed almost all my bills and i ran a little short and i need 306.00 to pay my rent please help There are going to evicte me by the 9th of this month

  6. kathyhenderson says:

    I am a single mother of three one whose disabled I have always liked working but I can’t now me and my kids need help with food,gas money to get to doctor and rent and if anyone could help please do so.God bless everyone.

  7. ANGEL GARCIA says:

    I know how you feel in a huge bind I also have 3 kids need help with rent and getting my electric back on before I get evicted dont know what to do onlly have 30 DAYS TO DO SO AN IT SEEMS LIKE THERE IS NO HPE OR HELP FOR US PLEASE IF ANY ONE IS OUT THERE LISTENING PLEASE HELP……

  8. wil scott says:

    I have been unemployed since July 2008. February of this year had Back Surgery, I have exhausted all my resources ( Savings and Unemployment Ins.) a claim is in for
    Disability Ins. until that come thru social service only pays $250. a mo. for rent – I need help with balance $479.. 61, single and broke. Thank you for any help and infomation you can give me. Help me keep my apartment of 28 yrs.

  9. vera scott says:

    i have always worked two or three jobs, now im down to one, i am a single mother of four and i need help paying my rent.

  10. theresa says:

    well I guess if I had no job and wasnt trying to make the best, like neig. are doing with system for food stamps, welfare ,sell pricp. drugs, just down right do everything illeagal.NICE
    I get no help for food because I want to work .what a american dream, you have to lie, be lazy no work, and you get help with everything. wow what a system!!!!!

  11. scott gove says:

    i am working poor…i can’t afford food and barely get by paying my rent …i don’t know what to do it seems that if you work it hurts you because of income requirements to get help….i not rich just need a hand…my mom is also in trouble …her health is being effected by it …we recently lost my farther 7 months ago…they took his pension and social security away from my mom for 4 months. she didn’t have any money for food, rent , and worse her medications. she is in the hospital right now and may have suffered major damage to her system due to not taking medications. i am worried she may not survive without some assistance. i am desperate for her, worried about were my future will lead…your help would def be appreciated

  12. Melisa says:

    My husband has been laid off over a year,we also cant get help with anything. He gets unemployment for now,he gets better than most ,but nobody counts a house or car payment, you have to have nothing.We just dont have enough to pay all utilities,food,house , r car payments.There seems to be no jobs,we have 17 yr old daughter at home,our older daughter was try help us get food but she has 3 kids. I went to try for food and medical help,they told me we would have to spend over 1100.00 a month on med to get it,and didnt qualify for link,i think we had 200 to much a month.So basically you have live on streets , have no job or income, have lots kids at home,have big medical bills to get help/Im sick alot last couple years,never asked for help till now,husband paid taxes for 39 yrs, for what. Thanks, our government for your help,we have lost our house 3x,1 for taxes,2 forclosures,came got car 2x,we owe more now than before,(we filed chapt.13 2x,we didnt want to lose our house,my husband says they will have come throw us out,took us long time get this house livable. I understand all work we have done , but I’m tired of worry,I told him lets just give them house ,but who will rent to us with no credit r jobs now. Please any advice . PRAYERS TO PLEASE FOR ALL OF US. THANKS,JUST NEEDED TO VENT

  13. kaite says:

    You should try using your government or state resources to get help paying rent in case of emergency. This site walk you through it with all the necessary links. Good luck!

  14. Lorenza T.Bennett says:

    Im 42 years of age married with four beautiful kids i am a barber independent contractor were my business up and down im also behind on several things,me and my wife argue all the time about the bills and overdrafts which leaves my 2 checking accounts at 28 dollars and chritmas is right around the corner,also the family car that i purchased is in the shop which is by the way is 700 hundred to get out inwhich i dont have, im scared to death about letting my kids down for christmas, can you help us.

  15. Nabeilah Hammad says:

    What I need is help with paying my rent, I just got an evection letter. My son got laid off 2 times with in the past month. Please help!!!!!!!!!

  16. Susan Hayes says:

    I am homeless, 48 yrs. , very hard to find to a job. My family lives out of state & I am on probation for driving without licences . Not only are jobs so hard to find, but with no way to go , it seems imposable but i keep praying that God will open doors that no man can close! My son went through your program a few years ago, so he suggested I contact your company. I have spoke to a lady on phone & she let me know that, there are no emergency placements ! I got forms in the mail to fill out but they are pretty confusing so I was hoping maybe someway someone, could call & walk me through it. I know that its a lot to ask but I am desperate , I have no where to go! Thank You for listening & may God bless you! Susan Hayes

  17. george says:

    not much help . i have no money .my landlord is aslumblord.im disabled.and ineed propane i have 300 ele bill gas ins rent truck repairs cat to feed and myself to feed prices keep going up but not my recorces some times i wish i could end my life

  18. Samuel says:

    I live in rural MS, in a mobile home, the cold comes in around the windows, doors, wall plugs, got water leaks, does anyone know if there are any government programs to get weatherization help

  19. Samuel says:

    I am elderly [64], living on social security, my hands and blood pressure are in such bad shape working at a job is not an option, I am told there are state programs that will do weatherization on homes, can someone tell me what these programs are and how to qualify for them

  20. Joan OBrien says:

    I am in need of some serious help. I cant find a job dont know if my age is a factor im 50 i live in my camper have been for 19 months. i have no money and my tags and insurance have expirred and i have no money for gas. i need help to get back to michigan can some one point me to where i can get the help i need

  21. KC says:

    I myself am in serious need of help. I’m being forced to move, due to the rent house I live in, is being asked back from me, by my Land lord who’s lost his job. I have no Car, NO place to go, and no way to get there. I’m a Cancer patient, and I’m afraid, very!

  22. sally887 says:

    Nice article…I found another one with a bunch of tips on getting rent help on a state or federal level.

  23. Alicia says:

    How sad that help is only provided for those working, when indeed a person without a job and homeless need more help and keep geting denied. I am a breast cancer patient and I am not working at this time and are almost homeless staying here and there because i don’t have a place of my own. I was denied food stamp, medicaid and there is no help getting a place to live. All because I’m only 52 yrs old, have no minor children and are not disable. Yet, there are people that have not work a day in their life and are qualified for all kind of help. It should be a law that once i get back to work i should not be forced to pay taxes or any social security since i can’t get help when i really needed and please don’t tell me that it will be for retirement, if i continue in this path i will not make it to retirement.

  24. Jennifer Sawyer says:

    There are people who are desperately seeking employment and on the brink of ruin who are turned away from charities like modest needs. It’s a shame my kids and I may end up on the streets when all we need is $2,000. People tip more than that at hotels, buy hand bags, suits or dresses. It’ hard for some of us to beg, but when we do it’s because we’ve exhausted all other avenues short of breaking the law.

  25. *Dizzy* says:

    Thanx for this…God bless!

  26. vanessa Godwin says:

    Hi my name is vanessa and i took care of my mom for 5 years.I worked a partime job 15 hours a week my husband lost his job. but the company hed work for found out after 6 weeks they had made a mistake and rehired him and then my car got hit so i been out of work for 2 months
    so now this company wants to hire me for 12 dollars an hour and i dont have gas to get there.My phone number is 815 814 3553

  27. arnita gail freeman says:

    hello my name is arnita gail freeman I;m 47 years old I was just let go of my job on aug 9 2012 I was late all the time I have really bad legs some times its hard to get to one place to another..I did apply for my unemoploment but it;s going to take another 10 more days befor I can get any thing. and I have the kind of land lord that do not play around if I don;t get help soon I will loes my place and I like my apartment I have been here for 6 years .on my own I have always work to pay my bills i;m not the kind of person that likes to lay up and get free money for notting. I have seen a dortour about my leg I have a spirn hip in my muscel it;s make it very hard to walk. I have no children I live alone my parents are no longer living if I loes my place I will hve no wear to go. so could you please help me I have call of my friends and they can not help I have called family memebers that live out of town no luck there. so if you can do any thing for me please send me some e-mail my phone number is 773226-4707 thank you for what ever you can do for me arnita g freman

  28. Connie Pouncil says:

    To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this message to ask for an emergency help for housing. You see on December 7, 2012 my house caught on fire and everything I had burned up. My glasses were even burned up, my clothes were burned up. I also need some money to get these things with. I am disable I can’t work because I am on oxygen 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And 4 different kinds of inhalers. I have been diagnosed with COPD and emphysema and every other kind of breathing problem you can think of. So please can you help me. I am really, really desperate in fact I am setting here begging that is how desperate I am.

  29. Newman Rental says:

    CommentNice blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol !

  30. Danesha says:

    Im currently going to school but i need help paying rent because im looking for my own place because i have no place to go and my income is only 250$ a month.

  31. VeniceMaria says:

    At my age 54, i just thought it was high time I quit paid employment, because I wasn’t saving much from my payday income, so I decided to start up my own small scale business so I could increase my savings/investments portfolio but there was a little problem I had no capital to start up my own business, I tried to borrow from friends and family but nothing much came up from this. with time my savings was depleting, so I had to do something fast, I went to banks with my proposals but the terms of granting me a loan was too hard for me to meet, I became desperate and started searching online and found quit a few of them but got burnt in the process i lost some money sending money for inappropriate fees these bogus loan services online where offering, I was almost trying to get a job back when my ex husband introduced me to Huntington Micro Loans he told me he got a personal loan of $15,000 from them with a flexible repayment plan spread for 4 years with a very low interest rate. I was skeptical at first especially when I had to contact them via email, but the responded promptly to me and my loan request was approved in less than 48 hours but raised a red flag when I was asked to make a payment for insuring my loan amount giving to me as the only form of security needed, I consulted Jim my ex and he told me it was ok because he also made the same commitment before he got his money so i followed suit and paid. I felt comfortable with the charge also because it was just a minimal amount. People, I was shocked when I got the money in my account and cashed it to buy up the restaurant I wanted to purchase. Business is moving fine and I have started paying back the money which my repayment was spread for 5 year tenure. I am eternally grateful to Huntington Micro Loans for helping me, now I can think of exploring other areas of business as they are also willing to help me. They are highly recommended to any one who needs a personal loan, business loan or any form you want, but must have the willingness to repay. You can also contact them via email: huntingtonmicroloans@gmail.com and you would be pleasantly surprised and fulfilled. God bless and good luck!

  32. deqwanda gaston says:

    Hi i am a single parent needing help with my rent by tuesday i have not worked since aug 8th im very stress i ask god and anybody to help me get through this difficulty tine.could some place help,help

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  35. Tina Hunter says:

    I am in dire financial need and hoping you can
    help please let me know what the requirements
    are for your assistance. Thank you.

  36. Olivia says:

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  37. joice anne says:

    Its bless to become part of it. I’m a mother of 2 child and no job.I hope you can find me someone can sponsor me because I decided to continue my studies.thanks a lot godbles.email me: mickeyangela007@yahoo.com.

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  41. Mr mcroy says:

    Hi I was laid off because they were unable to pay !y I have a spinal problem and am having problems getting on disability my roommate has a kid and was part of the ministry as a foster child and just turned of age and has no job they are no longer supporting her and we have both been unable to find a job in time and need 1000.00 for rent and our powers being cut off tomorrow our old roommate has it in his name and made our bill high now if we don’t pay 310$ by tomorrow we will have no power please help us we really need a kind soul to help us this is not something I have ever done I just don’t want to lose my home please help

  42. Im a husband an a father of 3 boys 14-8-6- an I’m not working just had surgery on my rite hand.. We have no heat or hot water. An car isn’t doing good” my wife works. An its been hard sence we were homeless ” it was ruff . an we havnt been able to get back on our feet right .. Anything will help. A blessing is a blessing. Which is the hand of God. This is an emergency an may god Bless you..

  43. I am unemployed a widow with 2 children. I need help.Thank you.Have a great day.

  44. Bob Naph says:

    Am kindly requesting for 4000 Kenyan shillings to pay my rent fee am likely to be evicted from the house by 10th…

  45. To whom this may concern, I’m having financial problems concerning my car and debt also, and this would be a big blessing if y’all could help me and my family out some kind of way and when I get finacailly stababled I’ll pay u all back sincerely Trina!

  46. josephina morel says:

    Am in need of 6000 am homelose amnd lookinh for a loa

  47. Benita Bernard says:

    I need help badly to pay my bills mostly my heat and electricity.

  48. Pablo aponte says:

    I’m getting invited cause I was on workers compensation 3 times. I broke 4 of my Toes my knees I have 20% loss out use. I feel of a ladder at work and I also got demoted. I still work full time for you company Shoprite for 15 years I need help quick please help I have no but me and my wife family will not hrlp

  49. chelsea says:

    Hello, I am a single mom and I was also taking care of my sick father who just passed away he didn’t have life insurance due to his health problems he was un-insurable I don’t know how I am going to pay my bills half the time let alone afford these funeral costs by myself too. please help https://www.gofundme.com/pj7kdb8c

  50. Lena Andersson says:

    Have found an apartment for me and my boys since my spouse left us and we were forced to sell our house. I have some money but the apartment are expensive here in Sweden and no rentals avaialble due to our refugee-crisis. I have to buy an apartment or the 3 of us have to live in my small car. Need a lot so anything you could spare would be very much appreciated. The showing of the apartment is on the 15th of November this year and the asking price is in USD 224,557. I am sure there will be a bidding war…

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