Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

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Holiday Shopping: Coupon Apps & Comparison Apps

Best iPhone Apps for Holiday Shopping

No more clipping coupons and then leaving them at home. Now, you can use your iPhone to save money with a variety of coupon and comparison apps. The comparison apps should come in handy when shopping this holiday season.

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Coupon Sherpa. Coupon Sherpa finds coupons on the Internet; it lets you create lists of your favorite stores, email good coupons to friends and the app has a barcode that can actually be scanned. This is a pretty good one but I wish they had more stores and offered more coupons. They do have a lot of coupons for popular clothing companies.


Yowza. Another coupon app. This one lets you choose how far away from where you are to look for coupons, it also comes with a map. It doesn’t have very many stores. And the search function lets you search for locations such as cities and states, not stores. It’s free so there isn’t any harm in downloading it to see if you want to shop at one of the few stores listed.


Coupons.com. This app actually has coupons you might use. Instead of just a few stores, it has coupons for dozens of products—products you might actually want, like brand name cereal, dog food and treats, frozen vegetables, frozen pizzas and much, much more. You simply “clip” the coupons by checking a button and then you can either email them to yourself or print them. If you could scan the coupons in your phone this app would be one of the best.


MobiQpons. Just like the other coupon apps this one show you savings at stores, restaurants and services near you.


Coups.com. This iPhone app and website lets you search for discounted gift certificates at nationwide restaurants. It looks like you can buy gift certificates for up to 60 percent off. You can buy $50 gift certificates for $20. I even saw a $20 gift certificate for $4. This could be great for gifts or if you just like to go out to eat.



There is power in numbers. These group discount sites promise to deliver large crowds so the places let them offer big discounts. Both of these sites work about the same way: each day the site features a new, super discounted deal, if enough people take advantage of it then the deal is “on” and whoever purchased the deal is charged. If enough people don’t bite then the deal is off and no one is charged. Think of these as group discount rates.

Living Social Deals. Cities currently covered: Washington, D.C., New York, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Atlanta. Has a free iPhone app.

Groupon. Cities covered: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, and Washington DC. I’m sure the Groupon iPhone app isn’t very far behind.


These apps let you compare prices to keep you from spending too much on something. Wouldn’t you like to know if you could save $20 by driving 5 minutes down the road?

Amazon. The Amazon app let’s you compare prices with… you guessed it, Amazon. If you are out shopping you can quickly look something up and see if Amazon has it for cheaper.


Shop Savvy. This app looks pretty cool. Apparently, you “simply” scan the barcode with your iPhone and it brings up a list of nearby places where you can find it with comparison prices. However, I tried to scan something and couldn’t do it. It was more annoying then helpful.


CompareMe. I often find myself standing in the supermarket staring at two products, looking at the unit price and trying to figure out which is the better deal. CompareMe let’s you compare different items based on size and volume. It tells you which one is cheaper and how much you are saving.


Save Benji’s. Similar to websites like NextTag.com, PriceGrabber.com, BizRate.com and mySimon, this app searches multiple vendors to compare prices. You can compare based on keyword, product name and even bar code.

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