Friday, October 20th, 2017

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Magazine Survey Cites Personal Finance As Important to Prospective Brides

BRIDES found that personal finance often comes first in many new marriages.A survey conducted by BRIDES magazine reveals that American couples consider financial stability to be an important attribute in a prospective spouse. The data states that more than six in 10 brides claimed to begin financial planning before engagement.

The survey offers further information supporting its conclusion. Forty-seven percent of the brides surveyed said that the financial stability and compatibility of a husband is extremely important, and nearly all of those interviewed- approximately 87 percent- said that the issue affected their decisions in some way.

As a reaction to the widely agreed upon importance of financial compatibility, the survey provided data indicating that many couples are making careful plans to deal with their wedding expenses. Although many are covering such costs with credit cards, the data stated that nine in 10 planned to have the debts settled within three months of the wedding.

This focus on financial planning may be the reason for the decline in the average cost of U.S. weddings. BRIDES publisher Carolyn Kremins said that couples “are still intent on celebrating, but celebrating responsibly by defining priorities to keep their financial goals on target.”

The financial planning firm Hartford Financial Services states that numerous Americans believe their personal finances will improve within the next year.

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