Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Election 2008: Obama & Prop 8

Election 2008: Barack Obama Becomes 44th President

Obviously the big news this week is the election. Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States, and the first African American President.

And what do Americans want Obama to tackle first? The economy. Besides finding a new Secretary of Treasury, here are some of  the major things that Obama is going to have to work on:

The economic stimulus package. The U.S. congress is ready to act if Obama calls for a pre-inauguration special session.

Mortgages. Will Obama change personal bankruptcy laws?

Federal regulation. Will he consolidate the system? And don’t forget his promise to punish those who manipulate the market and participate in predatory lending?

Auto industry. Can Obama save GM, Ford, and Chrysler from driving over the edge? Word is he’ll be meeting with their CEOs to talk about an additional $25 billion for the fuel efficient vehicle program.

And don’t forget the dismal unemployment numbers.

It’s a lot to deal with right away. But that’s what happens when you inherit such a mess.

Really? Prop 8? What Happened California?

For those of you who don’t know, Prop 8 passing alters the California state constitution to prohibit same sex couples from marrying.

You may be thinking, “Why do they have to be married? Can’t they just live together?”

There are many, many reasons that same sex couples should have the same rights as everyone else: basic human rights, health care, legal issues, inheritance, pensions, benefits, etc. Plus, many of these couples have been married for years and nothing has happened. The world didn’t end. The country didn’t fall apart. Nothing happened. So why change it now? What’s the point?

Discrimination is never ok. Shame on you, California.

(Obama photo courtesy of Obama Biden from Flickr)

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17 Responses to Election 2008: Obama & Prop 8

  1. Yes on prop 8 says:

    The major issue in prop 8 was that it required marriage to be taught in elementary school. Kids will learn about being gay growing up and will have that choice but shouldn’t be swayed at such an early age. Also, No on 8 goes against many people’s moral and religious beliefs. Good call california, Yes on 8!

  2. Yeah, no says:

    You’re such an idiot it’s staggering. Prior to Prop 8 they did not teach marriage, or gay marriage, in California’s elementary schools. Prop 8 doesn’t even restrict schools from teaching about gay marriage, as you can see for yourself in the “official language” of the bill here: http://www.voterguide.sos.ca.gov/title-sum/prop8-title-sum.htm

    Way to stomp on human rights.

  3. yea says:

    Reidculous comments. Bad Article.

  4. NO on 8 says:

    Actually, if you read http://www.voterguide.sos.ca.gov/text-proposed-laws/text-of-proposed-laws.pdf#prop8
    You will see that the law did not mention anything about public schools. Besides that, what is wrong with teaching equality for everyone?

  5. Farmer Ted says:

    You are all wrong. Only I am right. Anything else is morally bad. Only man/cow marriage should be allowed.

  6. ben330 says:

    Everyone should worry about themselves. PERIOD.

  7. SlickRick says:

    Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. What is this a socialist country. I live in America because I got choices and freedom. Let whoever marry whomever or whatever. People who are too consumed by this are ridiculous, why don’t we focus on our economy or religion. Religion should not let our government decide on what is moral. Stupid idiots running our senate and house seats are stupid church going idiots that can’t tell the difference between their ass and mouth.

  8. SlickRick says:

    By the way elementary schools should teach about gay rights. Why? because sooner or later they will learn about gays one way or the other. Just like they will learn about rape, murder, drug, sex, arson, and the list goes on and on. Idiots!

  9. scanna283 says:

    Discrimination is never ok. Shame on you, California.

    Discrimination is never ok. Shame on you, California.

    Discrimination is never ok. Shame on you, California.

    Discrimination is never ok. Shame on you, California.

  10. Yes on 8 says:

    What rights? With a domestic partnership they can get everything they want, they just can’t say they’re “married”, which shouldn’t be allowed. Oh and I think it’s funny that Young Money is so thrilled Nobama is president. What an idiot, I wonder how long it takes for the US to not be the world’s powerhouse.

  11. flinthillfinest5 says:

    MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK……….. YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i am the best says:

    So you’re a racist and a homophobe? Let gay’s marry each other, the article is right the world didn’t stop, no one died. California needs to vote again, and the law should be passed in all states, even those redneck southern states.
    As for ‘Nobama’, we took a HUGE step forward electing that man. We would put ourselves back in the 1900’s if we elected the decrepit old man, and the wasilla winker.

  13. what says:

    Compared to more serious issues of the day, Prop 8 seems insignificant. Let’s focus on implementing alternative energy or something rather than monitoring people’s lifestyles.

  14. Pray for the World says:

    God hates sin, but not the sinner. The more people that turn to Jesus, the Better.

  15. let it go says:

    Regardless of what one believes morally or not we live in a democratic society… it has come on the ballet and twice the citizens of CA voted against gay marriage. Domestice partnership does provide equal legal protections as marriage. I am more concerned with judges telling citizens what to do and a mayor saying like it or not. If you are a Bush supporter or not he was the president, now the same with Obama he is the new president, support him. Quit crying of your losses and move on. The beauty of our counrty and democratic process is that we can have differences and move on. Judges and mayors should not overide the votes of millions of tax paying citizens…. that goes against our whole democratic process. If prop 8 votes would have passed then those oppossing should let it go, however I feel the same for those anti-prop 8 passing. It was on the ballet it was turned down. All the deomonstrations are now costing tax paryers millions of dollars to pay police overtime so that you can yell about losing a democratic vote. Re-group for next time, please do not make me late for work because the street is shut down for your parade or tie up the cities police officers and threaten religious institutions…. that is when you lose any potential support from any of us sitting on the fence on this issue.

  16. jaimecasualty says:

    Much agreed my friend. Shame on California.

  17. pissed says:

    What a stupid article to run on a college student finance site. I look for something insightful about what Obama’s election might mean for young students looking to do better financially, and all it is is a bunch of rhetorical questions and some politically charged rant about gay marriage. Why don’t you write about what your site says you will rather than push your own personal agendas?

    Shame on you youngmoney.com

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