Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

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Plastic, But Better: The Dibz Card: A Smart Alternative To Credit Cards

Shoppers can now get first “Dibz” on the newest debit card designed to help young people learn about spending limits without having to pay the added fees and high interest rates often charged by credit cards.

The Dibz card, marketed by iDial Networks, works like a regular debit card – the consumer purchases the card for a minimal fee, which automatically puts money into an account. Each time the card is used, the amount spent is subtracted from the account until the balance is spent or the owner recharges the card by placing more money into the account.

Card users maintain control of their spending limits because they can spend only as much as is on the card. No pre-approval applications are required and the cards are available for purchase at stores throughout the country.

“Here’s an example of how the Dibz card will work,” said Dibz president Zac Folk. “Johnny loves action sports….his new card allows him to go online and purchase items such as exclusive video clips from his favorite action sports athletes, unique mobile phone ringer tones, MP3’s, eBooks and more. Johnny can now purchase these low cost, high value items without a credit card, something that had been impossible for him before.”

The Dibz card makes it easier to purchase items over the Internet with a “stored value” prepaid card instead of a credit card, opening merchant markets to the 40 percent of American households that do not have credit cards. The identity of the consumer is kept private, unlike a credit or debit/check card, because the transaction is posted like a cash payment. Last year, estimates show teen-agers, the initial target buyers for the Dibz card, had a disposable income of $100 a week and as a whole spent about $150 billion on various items, according to Dibzinc.com.

Shoppers can choose a card design from a selection of Dibz Riders, athletes chosen by the company to sponsor the card. For example, Dibz signed a promotional deal with Fabiola Da Silva, the most notable female in-line skater in the world, according to Dibzinc.com. Da Silva will not only have her picture on a card but also plans to provide exclusive online videos, images and skating tips for purchase with the Dibz card.

BMZ freestyle rider Cory “Nasty” Nastazio also joined the list of extreme sport athletes signed by the company. Like Da Silva, Nastazio will have exclusive videos, images and biking tips available online for Dibz consumers.

Dibz users earn points, which can be used online towards auctions, vendors, and other benefits as well. The card also doubles as a phone card, giving users discounted rates on long-distance calls.

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