Friday, October 20th, 2017

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Smart Graduation Gifts That Don’t Suck

Money for college or graduate school. There is simply no better gift then this. You can use a social investing network like www.lendingclub.com to negotiate a peer-to-peer loan or get a good rate.

Lending Club Borrow up to $25,000. Rates as low as 7.88%. Good credit required. Small business loans for borrowers with good credit. Rates as low as 7.88%. No collateral needed. Borrow up to $25,000.

Next: Stay healthy


Health insurance. If you are graduating and going out on your own you are going to need health insurance. Ask your parents to pay your premiums until you find a job. Not only will this really help you financially but it will make you look smarter than you are. One possible good health insurance copmany for young people is UnitedHealthOne.

Next: iGifts


iPod/iPhone. If you are one of the few people left on earth who does not have an iPod or an iPhone this may be the perfect gift for you. You can use the "but it’s sooooooo much more than just a phone" excuse. And it is, you can take photos, make a budget, learn sign language, prioritize tasks, and millions of other things. (However, you may want to leave out the countless hours you plan on playing Crash Bandicoot and Trivial Pursuit.)

New Apple iPod touch 8GB,16GB & 32GB starts at $217.99 FREE Engraving & FREE Charger, Case and after rebate!

Next: Have laptop, will travel


Laptop. If you’re graduating chances are you’re going to be moving into your first tiny apartment. In order to conserve what little space you have it may be time to get a laptop. Another good selling point? You’ll be able to work at home and really impress your new boss!

Save $30 off any order of $150 or greater at the HP Home & Home Office Store! Use code: SV2132. See exclusions. MacMall.com – Your #1 Apple Superstore!

Next: Gifts from the government


New car. If you can wait a while to get your gift you can take advantage of the Clunker Bill (if the government passes it).  As of now this bill will allow anyone with a car ten years old or older that gets 18 mpg or less to trade it in for a new car (providing the new car gets ten more miles to the gallon) for $4500. Of course, this means that almost no passenger cars are eligible. But if you have a truck or SUV then you’re in luck.  Take advantage of the car companies slashing prices and the government’s handout, all while impressing your parents that you actually do keep up with current events.

Next: Rock out on the go


Rock Band Unplugged for PSP. It’s the first time Rock Band is coming to a handheld. Now you can take the game, play and listen to music all while you are taking that cross country trip, bumming around Europe, or moving to your first big job. The game comes as standalone software for $39.99 or in a special entertainment bundle from Sony for $199.99.  Available in stores June 9, 2009.  Predictable but definitely fun.

Next: Gift that keeps on giving


Professional job placement. Fast Track guarantees they can find you a job for $999. A job is truly the gift that keeps on giving. They also offer help in finding internships.

Next: Get your resume ready


Resume service. JobBound offers professional resume and interview help. This is a skill that can last

Expert Resume Writing Services

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