Monday, October 23rd, 2017

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New Hard Drives Offer On-Board Encryption

Hard drives with built in encryption mechanisms could improve data security.A growing number of businesses and individuals are paying more attention to the security of their private information. Japanese electronics manufacturer Toshiba has introduced a new hard drive it believes offers a better solution than many traditional data security tools, according to ZDNet Asia.

Toshiba's Self-Encrypting Drives use an authentication process embedded in the hard drive itself, which changes its encryption and activates every time the device is turned on. Without the correct encryption key, the data becomes unreadable, though can still be accessed by users with administrative privileges.

"This device provides [the] distinct advantage of relatively little performance degradation as compared to software full-disk encryption that is offered in the market, while still ensuring strong protection of the data in storage," Thio Fu Wang, senior manager at CrimsonLogic, told ZDNet.

Jay Kim, chief operating officer of DataLocker, argued to PC Magazine that this type of hardware-based encryption is superior to software-based methods, because the hard drive creates its own framework. However, data recovery expert C.K. Lee notes that human factors ultimately define most security concerns and should be addressed above technical solutions. He notes that most data thefts are still linked to physical rather than electronic documents.

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