Monday, November 20th, 2017

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Twilight: New Moon Is Bad for Women

New Moon is raking in the money, but at what cost? Is no sex worth no self esteem?!?

Twilight: New Moon has made a ton of money ($22.2 million on the first night alone). The Twilight books are one of the most popular series ever.

And it makes me sick.

Books like this are damaging to young girls. Any book or movie where the lead female character is a spineless wimp is a potential self esteem destroyer. And, yes, I know its fiction. Fairy tales are just fiction too. And, in every fairy tale a woman needs rescuing by a man. And, even today, we have lots of young women who base their self worth around men. Who believe they don’t count or don’t matter until someone loves them. Who stay in abusive relationships because they don’t feel they deserve any better. It’s unfortunate but some of this behavior is learned from the media.

I thought Twilight was bad. New Moon is nothing short of offensive and disgusting. Here are a few of the highlights from the book:

When Edward leaves Bella (for her own good of course, yawn) she stops functioning—literally. She lays down in the woods and her father and other “men from the village” must come rescue her. (By the way, she spends an awful lot of time getting rescued).

There are blank pages representing her inability to function without a man! I don’t even know what to say to that, it’s beyond upsetting. Girls – hear me now – a break-up is no reason to stop living.

She stops enjoying life. She moves in a daze. She stops hanging out with her friends, her family, she doesn’t care about anything.

Until, surprise, surprise, she meets another boy.

She begins risking her life in idiotic stunts just to hear his voice. She jumps off cliffs and races motorcycles, not caring if she dies. The more she risks the more often she has hallucinations of him.

And that’s just one book.

It actually gets worse. We’re talking pre-arranged marriage worse; and, getting married just to have sex, worse. (At 18 years old no less, if that isn’t a bad lesson I don’t know what is.)

I haven’t seen the new movie. I can’t. Besides, why should I? Most film critics agree: New Moon is a dud.

But I did ask a friend about the movie. She told me that

“Bella trips when she is walking in the woods looking for Edward, I don’t think she just lays down. Instead of blank pages she sits by a window in her room and the seasons go by. Also in the movie she can see him in her hallucinations, not just hear him.”

So they made it less slit-your-wrists offensive but, I’m sorry, it still sounds pathetic.

According to MsNBC.com, New Moon is boring. “Yet Stewart is on screen almost all the time, and her Bella is just a drag to be around. With her flat speech and listless presence, it’s unfathomable how two different sets of monsters could fixate so completely on her. All three lovers are so joyless; it’s hard to imagine why any of them would want to spend eternity together.”

We can’t imagine it either. In fact, we can’t imagine having to spend one more minute on this trash.

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8 Responses to Twilight: New Moon Is Bad for Women

  1. Anon says:

    Twilight: New Moon didn’t break box office records by making a whopping $26.3 million on the first night alone (and $258 million worldwide so far) by sheer happenstance. Success like that takes magic. The saga cherished around the world transports its readers and viewers to an alternate world where wrongs are eventually righted and love rules. In hard times such as these, we can all use a distraction. Eight to ten dollars for a 2 hour and 10 minute escape from reality surely sounded like a bargain to millions of fans around the world, many of which saw the movie more than once over the opening weekend.

    In New Moon, Edward, convinced that he complicates her life too greatly, makes the difficult decision to leaves Bella. For any young woman who experienced a painful breakup with their first love, Bella’s emotional breakdown in New Moon is quite relatable. During her depression period, she discovers a best friend in Jacob. As the friendship begins to blossom into possibly something more, Bella discovers that Edward believes she is dead, and the modern-day Romeo desires the same fate. Bella leaves Jacob behind in the mad dash to save the life of her one true love. Her plan a success, Edward admits that he can no longer live his life apart from the love of his life. Oh, and did I mention the main men in Bella’s life are vampires and werewolves (which makes for some awesome special effects)?! That is just icing on the cake for this complicated love story.

    Twilight isn’t for everyone; I can see why many people find the story unsettling, but it is, after all, fiction. There are some positive messages for young fans. Bella doesn’t settle or take the easy way out. Even when he is gone, she fights to keep her memories of Edward alive. “I never saw her as being weak…she trusts her gut.” – Kristen Stewart (Bella). Also, in a country where each year almost 750,000 girls age 15-19 become pregnant, the Twilight series chooses abstinence.

    With the success of New Moon still going strong, and the next movie in the series (Eclipse) slated for a June 30 release, fan or not, settle in, this series is here to stay!

  2. sir says:

    If you read the saga, you will agree with the other commenter as well. Bella actually proves herself to be the strongest character in the series. Far beyond that of the macho male werewolves or the stealthy/strong male vampires.

  3. maizura says:

    but the film is good and best….

  4. obamaisbiracial says:

    twilight is for morons. the books have poor grammatical structure and uninspired prose.

  5. katee mostly, gretchen, and JENNA says:

    wat the heck is your problem, WATCH THE MOVIE AND SEND ME A VIDEO OF YOU CUTTING YOUR WRISTS, BECAUSE YOU WONT ITS A TERRIFIC MOVIE SO SUCK IT!! That and Bella is a strongest charecters in the book! it tells you so. that and you obiously dont know what its like to be in love. when the person you love and want to be with your whole life just disapears, it hurts for awile, your not gunna be able to jump out of bed and sing good morning sun shine! where you abused as a child? did you cry when bambi’s mom died? And who said anything about abusive relationships in the book? BOOOOO YOU!!!!!

  6. Tenbears says:

    Could someone be it vampire or werewolf please kill Bella. She represents anything a woman or person shouldn’t be.

  7. katee says:

    hey teresa miller how about you read a book like twilight before you judge it

  8. kelleny says:

    can not comment coz i have not read it.

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