Friday, October 20th, 2017

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New Social Network Provides Personal Finance Advice

New Social Network Provides Personal Finance AdviceOnline social networking is perhaps one of the most prominent trends in the culture of the world today. A newly launched website, Social Premier, intends to use this internet format to provide personal finance information, advice and various related services to its members.

The new site will offer information and tips regarding topics such as credit improvement, the development of new businesses and evaluation of real estate. Access to pertinent blogs, instructional media, news and interactive message board forums for users to carry on discussions and share information will also be provided.

Numerous exclusive educational videos can be viewed by Social Premier members. Industries covered by these videos include insurance, law, accounting, mortgages, real estate topics and lending, among others.

Social Premier is available free at first, for an initial trial lasting seven days. Afterwards, subscribing to the site will require paying a $60 annual fee, or $75 either once a year or split across 12 months to have access to additional resources and amenities.

The prevalence of social networking in various forms is confirmed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which lists more than 2,000 different patents related to social networking technology that are currently pending.

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