Monday, October 23rd, 2017

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Ask Young Money: Does a Disabled Graduate Have to Pay Back Loans?

Q: Does a disabled graduate have to pay back all of the loan borrowed?  My daughter is disabled from diabetes and has been unable to work, but is still paying on her loan.  Any help will be appreciated. 
Thank you, Wanda.

A: Your daughter has several options in the repayment of her student loan due to her disability.  If she is temporarily disabled due to her diabetes and unable to obtain employment, than her loan servicer can grant her a temporary total disability deferment.  This deferment will temporarily suspend her loan payments until such time she is able to obtain employment.  Keep in mind during the deferment period her loan will be accruing interest in most cases. 

The second option is if your daughter diabetes causes total and permanent disability which will not allow her to obtain employment now or in the future.  Your daughter’s student loan servicer will require a letter of certification from her physician stating your daughter is total and permanent disability in order for her loan servicer to complete the borrower’s discharge documents.  In either case, your daughter must contact her current student loan servicer to discuss both of these options.

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  1. neko65 says:

    Thank you I have a student loan I defaulted on due to disability..EdFund will not cooperate with me anymore advice?

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