Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

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Obama Vs. McCain

Tuition costs are on the rise. Each year, a growing number of graduates are faced with the reality of having to pay back college loans. Out of control college costs and tough economic times have trigged record-high voter turnouts in primary contests and caucuses—especially among students and the formerly “politically apathetic.”

Barack Obama has been able to captivate young people with his celebrity-like appeal. John McCain has fought back with his experience in foreign policy. And with the November election just weeks away, voters are more concerned than ever about how the presidential hopefuls will alleviate the strain on their wallets.

College affordability
Students and their parents are struggling to pay rising tuition costs. McCain stresses the importance of retaining good teachers, and finding other professions for less-qualified teachers. He wants to increase funding for virtual schools, online courses, and tutoring services. 

Obama proposes scholarships for teacher education, as well as mentoring programs. He advocates an annual American Opportunity Tax Credit of up to $4,000 to help cover tuitions at public colleges and universities. He wants to make community colleges free for most students and simplify the financial aid application process. He would expand the Pell Grant and lower interest rates on federal student loans. 

Social Security
McCain would rather supplement Social Security benefits with individual investment accounts than increase taxes.

Obama wants more taxes, increasing the amount workers who make $250,000 or more pay into the system. He opposes privatizing Social Security and supports increasing the amount of income subject to the Social Security payroll tax, which currently applies only to the first $97,500 a worker earns. 
McCain’s plans favor wealthy taxpayers and corporate America. Under Obama’s proposals, those who earn less profit more. 

McCain wants to maintain the Bush Administration’s tax rates on dividends, capital gains, current income, and investment. He says he will permanently withdraw the alternative minimum tax, which originally targeted the very wealthy but has been gradually extended to middle-class families. He will also reduce corporate and estate taxes, and almost double the child-care tax credit. 

Obama wants to let many of Bush’s tax cuts expire. Tax increases on families earning more than $250,000 a year will provide tax cuts for lower and middle-income households. He proposes increasing the 15% capital gains tax rate, excluding taxes on start-ups and small businesses.

Health care
While McCain’s plans to revamp health care fall on individual efforts, Obama’s proposals rely on market forces, government intervention, and mandates to cut costs.

McCain’s plans won’t mandate that everyone have health insurance, but tax incentives will be offered to those who purchase it. He wants to create a federally subsidized state program for greater coverage of low-income people. He will allow people to purchase insurance plans from different states to enhance competitive pricing.

Obama encourages more government spending for universal health insurance. He wants to provide an income-based federal subsidy and a network of public and private health insurance plans for people who don’t get help from their employers or qualify for Medicaid. Employers will be required to curb employee costs, or contribute to a national health care system. Individuals below age 25 will be covered through their parents’ plans.

Election economics

McCain is appealing to high-income taxpayers, who will benefit more than anyone else in tax breaks. His must convince the American public that he, as a Republican, is not to blame for our nation’s current economic hardships. 

Critics slam Obama for his relative lack of experience in the political arena; they say his rhetoric is full of promises, that he won’t be able to deliver. He has been labeled as being too far left. Free-market critics see him as an obstructive force to corporate America and market growth.

Diana Clark, a 23-year-old registered independent and a senior at San Francisco State University says, “Status on abortion or whether gays should be allowed to marry isn’t going to change gas prices or create jobs. I feel Obama has more empathy for the struggling student.”

Matthew Dvorin, a recent graduate of Temple University and also a registered independent, plans on handing his vote to McCain, “I don’t want to see Obama take my father’s hard-earned income and investments.”

However you cast your ballot, we all share a common thread: Young voters want a candidate who exudes hope, an understanding of our plight, and a concrete plan. We don’t want politics draining our bank accounts.

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7 Responses to Obama Vs. McCain

  1. tonya Pearson says:

    obama is much better for our wallet because instead of -mcCain helping us keep money he’s taxing us for our insurance

  2. Kevin says:

    There’s nothing the government can provide us that we can’t provide ourselves cheaper and more efficiently. Obama wants us to hand our economy over to the government and tie it into the rest of the world. While Obama may give you some extra cash in the short term, you will pay it back several times over in increased taxes and fewer jobs. The wealthy employ the poor. Taking even more from the wealthy will hurt us more than help us.

  3. vamper says:

    @ Kevin

    10-4 mr trickle down

  4. Pupz says:

    Obama just wants to keep giving us money. Find easy was for people to get money. McCain wants to make jobs for the people. Make it so we do not have to get money from the government. Obama wants to give people more money than the government can. It would take trillions of dollars to help everyone. Once to evenly spared the money and then tax it people are only getting around 450$. McCain would like to make jobs so people will always have money and the government can keep its money to help with road, schools, and other government programs
    McCain for president

  5. JASON says:

    Their chickens are comming home to roost, THEY LAID AND EGG)(1) on the factor socialst professors openly support Bill Ayers (2) La Raza and Acorn joined forces (they hate each other and u-2. (3) what’s up with obama supporting Odinga in Kenya. killing Christians? see Bk. By Corssi. (4) main streetmedia totally royally sucks one way.

  6. Eugene says:

    What McCain proposes makes no sense. The gap between the rich and poor is growing too fast. And what happens when people of a country realize that they are working hard all their lives just to benefit a few fat cats? Riots, massive public protests, collapse of the system!!! That’s history. There’s something wrong today in America, and McCain’s policies will damage this country even more.

  7. carson says:

    i think theyre both awful and hillary clinton should of became president!!

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