Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Ten Halloween Costumes for Ten dollars!

Don’t let the recession dampen your spooky spirits. Here are ten cheap Halloween Costumes that won’t be playing tricks on your wallet.

10. Pile of Laundry. Buy a large circular laundry basket and cut the bottom out. Attach suspenders to it to hold it at waist high. Get a handful of old clothes and attach them to you and your laundry basket. Attach some dryer sheets and create a fabric softener ball necklace to your costume for the perfect accessory.
9. Mummy Dearest. Get an old white sheet and shred it into thin pieces. To stain the sheet, leave it in hot water filled with tea bags over night. After it dries, wrap your entire body in it and tie ends together. Pretty simple! Just paint your face white, apply grey eye shadow and black lipstick.  Cheap and scary… what Halloween is all about.
8. Old Hag. Borrow an old housecoat from your grandmother. Buy a pair of knee highs, slippers and rollers. Pretty self explanatory and cheap!
7. Mad Scientist. All you need to buy is a white coat. Mess up your hair, tape up a pair of glasses and add test tubes to your pocket for the ultimate scientist look!
6. Roman Emperor. Again, all you need is a white sheet. Wrap it on your body like a toga. Add shiny sandals on your feet and leafy ivy around your head.
5. Sexy Liberian. All you need to do is find a short skirt, a pair of really high heals, and a low cut shirt. To top it off, pull your hair in a tight bun, add reading classes and carry some books. Everyone will be reading you that night!
4. Nerd. High waisted, tight jeans and a sweater is pretty common when describing a nerd. Pull it together with a pair of thick, taped glasses and add pens and a calculator to your sweater pocket. Cheap and nerdy.
3. White Trash. Buy a large white trash bag and tie it around you like a dress. Attach empty bag of chips, soda cans, wrappers and whatever else you find in a trash can!
2. Skeleton. Buy a black shirt and black sweatpants if you don’t have already. Buy white paint and paint bones on your black shirt and pants. Pretty simple and of course cheap! Paint your face completely white to get the full effect!
1. Ghost. The most popular and cheapest Halloween costume to date; get a white sheet,  cut two holes for eyes and throw it over your body. Cut the bottom of the sheet to get that flow-like look of a ghost. Easy, cheap and no one will ask the most hated Halloween question: “what are you?”

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